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A catalyticÊconverter does not have an effect on a vehicles abilityÊto be driven. A catalytic converter just reduces the green house emissions of the vehicle, so if it is broken the vehicle will just release more emissions.ÊÊ

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Q: Can you drive with a broken catalytic converter?
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How do you pass emissions test with broken catalytic converter?

Replace the catalytic converter.

What is the drive cycle for a catalytic converter?

there is no drive cycle for a catalytic converter it could be plugged up....

Can a broken catalytic converter cause high oil consumption?


Can you drive a car without a catalytic converter?

Yes, a car can be driven without a catalytic converter. However, it is illegal to drive a car without them because of emissions.

Does a car's drivetrain include the catalytic converter?

No, the catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system. The drive train is the engine, transmission, and differential.

Can you drive 3 hours with your catalytic converter clogged?

It is not advisable.

Does it hurt your car to drive with a bad catalytic converter?

Yes it does.

What if you drive without a catalytic converter?

If you drive your car without a catalytic converter, you can be pulled over and given a ticket. You cannot drive your car with a lot of noise, it's considered a violation of the noise ordinance.

Does a missing catalytic converter effect the idle?

Yes, and it is illegal to drive a car with the converter removed.

Will it hurt to drive with a bad catalytic converter?

Yes, you can do serious damage to the engine if the converter is clogged.

Can you run without a catalytic converter?

Can? Yes. Should you? No. It is illegal to drive a car that came equipped with a catalytic converter without one. There is no benefit to removing a converter from a modern car.

Why has your car failed the emissions test?

The catalytic converter is most probably broken

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