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Whether a vehicle has air or hydraulic brakes has no impact on what kind of license is required to operate it in the US.

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Q: Can you drive air brake vehicle with a chauffeur licence?
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What do you call a person who is hired driver?

Generally, the person is a chauffeur if employed to drive a private or rented vehicle.

Type motorized vehicle not need a licence to drive?

A wheelchair.

Do I need parents with a commercial drivers license?

A Commercial drivers licence is the licence to drive any heavy weight vehicle. You do not need a parent in the vehicle with you when you drive on the streets. Although, you do need a parent present when you get your licence, and they have to sign the papers.

Leting someone drive your car without a license?

If you allow someone to drive your vehicle without a licence, you could have your licence suspended. It is illegal.

Can you drive a 49cc scooter in Tennessee with no drivers license?

No you cannot drive at all without a licence. If you drive any motor vehicle without a licence you will have your future licence application denied, probably for several years.

Can you drive a telehandler on the road with a class b licence?

You need a caegory C licence if the vehicle is over 7.5 tonnes

What is meant by being 'chauffeur driven'?

When you are chauffeur driven you are taken to a destination in a vehicle being driven by someone else. This person is paid to drive you where you wish to go.

Do you need a full licence to drive a battery powered car?

You need the exact same license to drive an electric vehicle as you do to drive a gasoline vehicle on a public roadway.

can a Afghanistan person drive in UK?

Anyone can drive in the UK provided they have a full and valid driving licence for the vehicle they wish to drive.

Can you drive a commercial vehicle on someone elses operator license?

You can't drive any class of vehicle that way. If you don't have the licence, or else a permit and an appropriately licenced driver with you, you can't drive it.

Can you remove one front brake caliper and plug brake line and still drive vehicle?


Can a friend get a car out of impound for you?

Yes, if the vehicle is roadworthy, they are insured to drive it and hold a full licence.