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If you allow someone to drive your vehicle without a licence, you could have your licence suspended. It is illegal.

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Q: Leting someone drive your car without a license?
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Can someone drive without a driver's license if they are learning to drive?

That would be a learner's permit.

Is it illegal to drive someone else's car without having a drivers license?

It is illegal to drive in any US state, to drive any car, if you do not have a driving license.

What happens if you receive a ticket for allowing someone to drive without a license?

If you receive a ticket asking you to pay for allowing someone to drive without a license you need to pay it. If the ticket specifies that you need to complete a task you must do this as well.

Can an immigrant drive without a license?

No, in America they can not. You cannot ever legally drive without a license in America.

Can you drive without your license even though you passed the driving test?

You will get a ticket if you drive without your License in your possession.

What can you drive in Colorado without a license?

What can I drive in Colorado without a lience

If someone stole your drivers license can you still drive?

No, even if someone stole your diver's license, you cannot drive. There is no proof that you ever had your driver's license, so you cannot drive. You need to go and replace the drivers license as soon as possible. Driving without one could result in a ticket should you be stopped. In most states, you can order a new one online.

What if someone does not have a license?

Then they can't drive

Drive your car without a license?

No! It is illegal to drive a car without a licence.

Can you have a car in your name without a driver's license and have someone with license be the driver?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to own a vehicle if you have no license to drive it and have a licensed driver chauffeur you around.

Can a person with a school permit drive home another person from school without a school permit?

A driver with a permit can only drive if someone with a license is in the car.

What kind of documents are needed to drive without a License?

You cannot drive without a license at all it is completley illegal under all cercumstances