Can you clean a ECU

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. if anything clean connections with a special cleaner

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Q: Can you clean a ECU
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Where is the ECU on a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

2006 impreza ecu?

What about the ecu?

Where is the ecu on a 1999 2.4l galant?


99 kia sephia and your scanner said its too rich what should you do?

clean or replace air filter, there is a pressure sensor in the intake area that the computer(ECU) uses for adjusting the fuel mixture... then try disconnecting the battery for 5-10 min after that,this will erase some of the settings in ECU memory, re-connect, forcing the computer(ECU) to re-adjust fuel mixture... it doesnt hurt to use good gasoline, injector cleaner / octane boosters, they will clean parts of the fuel system like clogged jets.

How do you replace ecu on 2001 Chevy cavaliar?


Is a ecu same as a ecm?

yes the ecm and the ecu is the same thing. ecu stands for electronic control module and ecu stands for electronic control unit. they are both the same thing just ecm in canada and ecu in america.

Where is the ECU sensor 2001 Santa Fe?

There is not a single ECU sensor. There are dozens of sensors on this car that feed the ECU

Does a 1981 toyota pickup with a 22r have an ecu and where is it. i found the emission control computer by the driver kickpanel but no ecu. i have the chilton book but it doesnt say anythin about ecu?

dosnt have an ecu

What causes a 1986 Toyota MR2 engine to cut out?

get your ecu checked out my 91 was doing the same thing, the ecu was bad, and the ground to the ecu was bad, which caused the "fry" to the ecu.

What does injector light on in dash mean on iveco daily?

it means there is a fault with your injectors, wiring loom or ecu terminals try to clean them and then try it if it dont work like my dads did for a few weeks then broke he had to have all new injectors wiring loom ecu and pump costing £3500 + VAT

What Mitsubishi ecu serial code?

Ecu rvr rs

Who is an ecu issuer?

Its depends on what vehicle. Some ECU's you can still get from the dealership. But I had a 90 laser that needed an ecu, these guys helped alot. They rebuild ecu's and give quotes on others if they have. Good