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No. Only the true owner can legally register a vehicle. (Legally. Used lightly )

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Q: Can the car be registered in the co borrowers name?
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How does the primary owner of a car pass the car to the co-signer?

You need to sign the Certificate of Title over to the co signer so that the vehicle can be legally registered in the name of the co-signer.

I have a car in which the bill come in my name but also have a co-signer whose name is not on the bill who legally owns the car me or husbands aunt?

If there is a co-signer on a loan for a car, the person who is making the regular payments is usually the owner of the car. Unless, the car is registered to the co-signer, the person making the payments owns the vehicle.

Can an auto insurance co refuse to pay for my car and injury when their insured was at fault just because my registered car was insured under my friends name and not mine in the state of California?

Yes here the car insurance firm can refuse your insurance claim as the car is registered in your friends name and not yours.

Can you sell a car you are making payments co-borrower?

Co-borrowers would both have to agree to sell and sign the paperwork to sell a car you are making payments on. This could not legally be done by one person.

How does the primary borrowers credit get affected if the co-signer pays the entire the loan on a leased car?

It should have a good effect if its on time.

Can the co borrowers wife take vehicle from buyers if co buyer is incarcerated?

No. Not unless her name is also on the title. The persons named on the title have equal ownership of the vehicle.

If your mom co-signed a car loan for you and you signed the loan too can you get car insurance for the car in your name only?

Yes, you can purchase your own car insurance. However, you must add your mother (the co-signor) as an additional insurance but non-operator. There is no additional premium for her. She is added on so she is protected an additional registered owner.

If your husband filed Chapter 7 and did not include the car in which you are co-borrowers will you be held liable if the car was recently repossessed if you live in a non-community state?

Secured debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. As a co-borrower or co-signer you are equally responsible for the debt even though you do not reside in a CP state.

Car was giving to you by in-laws car co not insurance co but car co wrote car of after Katrina you change all the fluid in car and plugs car runs great how do you get titles in your name?


Can two borrowers on the same loan be referred to as co-borrowers?

Yes. That is exactly what they are.Yes. That is exactly what they are.Yes. That is exactly what they are.Yes. That is exactly what they are.

Did you have to be a co signed on a car loan if the car being traded in was in your name?


If the car is not in your name can he report it stolen?

i co signed for a car for my daughter,she will not tell me where the car is can i have the tirle transfered to my name

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