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Yes, you can sell an impounded vehicle, Unless the car has a hold on it in connection with a crime, in which case there would be no storage fees. Mind you, the buyer is liable for any tickets that go to the plate that was on the car at the time of impound.

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Q: Can registered owner sell car while impounded?
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Can you sell a car while it is impounded and have the new owner get it?

Technically, yes, as long as the new owner is aware of this fact and agrees to it. It could potentially make reclaiming it from impound more difficult, though, so the new owner might insist that you accompany him/her.

If your car is impounded what is the law regarding notification before they can sell your car at a lien sale auction?

For any car that is impounded (not available for release without a police OK) or stored (available for release to the registered owner without a police OK), a written or verbal notice must be given to the party from whom it was taken. If no verbal notice of the vehicle was given to the person who had custody of the vehicle at the time of impound/storage - a notice must be mailed(15-20 days) to the last registered owner and legal owner (loan holder). If the storage fees and any back DMV fees (if any) are not paid within generally 30 days, the tow company may sell the car for lien fees. Notice of the impending sale is to be sent to the registered and legal owners prior to the transfer of title due to the lien sale.

Can you sell a car with expired registration?

Yes, cars are registered to each individual owner. So, by selling it, it becomes un-registered.

Son 21 registered owner got car impounded VC 14602.6. I am the lien holder am I responsible for the fees and charges Impound yard would like me to be. Sheriff says No same code i. What's true?

It just depends what the impound yard wants to do, if they can't re-sale the vehicle they will probably come after R.O. or the L.O. If the car is driveable and in good condition they will probably sell it and won't even charge the Registered owner.

How much is 500 dollar war bond today?

A US $500.00 war bond from WWII has a redmption value of $2,230.00. They can only be redeemed by the registered owner or that person's heirs if the registered owner is dead. There is a collectors market for WWII War Bonds and those who are not registered owners or the heirs of the registered owner may be able to sell to a collector.

Can you sell your car while it's in police impound?

my truck was impounded i sold it to my friend cause my drivers license was suspended and they released it to them thank you

Can you sell a car but its not registered in your name but the title i?

Hell no!! Be careful! You could get imprisoned if the actual owner does not agree and reports you. The actual owner has to present his licence and ownership documents.

You cannot afford to retrieve your impounded motorcycle can you sell it to a third party?

It depends on what country you live in. In the USA, if you cannot afford to retrieve your motorcycle, whoever impounded your motorcycle owns it. They can sell it, but you no longer own it, so trying to sell it is illegal.

How long can your car be impounded for expired tags in CA?

Until you pay to get it out or they sell it at the auction.

How can you price a website?

ask the owner what they might be willing to sell it for, thats the only way, unless its not registered, then u can start as little as $0.99c per year

Can you sell a car with personalised registration?

In most US states now, the license plate is registered to the driver. When selling the vehicle, the registered owner removes the plate(s) which forces the new owner to actually register the vehicle. This is not necessarily the case in other parts of the world. Check with your local registration department.

Your car was taken without your permission while you were in jail and then got impounded the does the tow company need to inform you before they sell your car?

there is a certain period of time they have to hold on to it depending on state laws, for you to retrieve your vehicle. after that they may legally sell it without contacting you.