Can a radar gun clock the wrong car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If it's aimed at the wrong car - sure.

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Q: Can a radar gun clock the wrong car?
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What is that thing police use to clock how fast a car is going?

Radar Gun

How do you clock your baseball pitch without a radar gun?

with a radar gun

Can a Police Officer use a Radar Gun to clock speed of a car while the Police Officer is driving?

Of course they can all they have to do is hold the radar gun with one hand and the wheel with the other

Can a radar gun clock a car decelerating?

i dont think it can because it take a reading like a photograph it doesnt carry on changing the speed. For example: when you take a picture it takes a snapshot of what it can see. The same is done by a radar gun. Hope this helps!! :)

When was RADAR first used to clock pitching speed?

RADAR was first used to clock pitching speed in 1972. Earl Weaver was the first person to use the RADAR gun to determine speed in baseball.

Can radar detectors tell you if a cop car is near you?

Only if he has his radar gun on. Radar detectors are not cop detectors.

How is a driver clocked by a police car?

a radar gun

A police radar gun measures the speed of a car by?

A police radar gun measures the speed of a car by sending out radio waves and calculating the speed based on the Doppler effect, which measures the change in frequency of the waves bounced back from the moving car. The radar gun is able to determine the speed at which the car is approaching or moving away from the device.

What is a speed pulser?

I believe it is like a radar gun (used by the police to clock your speed), but emits soundwave pulses to calculate the speed of a moving motor vehicle. Someone correct me if I'm wrong!

Can you use a radar gun in your persnal car in NC?

Contact your local police.

Can you use the hot wheels radar gun on cars?

Yes, as long as its an old car.

How accurate is a police radar gun when the car is going down hill?

Very accurate, it measures speed and doesn't care if the vehicle is traveling up or down, toward or away from the radar gun.