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can you jump a 6 cylinder with a 4 cylinder

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2014-01-03 19:06:18
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Q: Can a 4 cylinder car jump a 6-cylinder truck?
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Can a 6 cylinder car jump a 8 cylinder car?


Can a 6-cylinder car jump a 4 cylinder car?

Yes, why not as long as the both 12 volt what's the problem.

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dont one should do it

What do you do when your car won't start in the cold?

You ask someone to jump your battery, or you call AAA or a tow truck company to perform the battery jump. Typically, you'll be on the road within 30 minutes after the jump.

Will jump starting a dead truck battery drain a car battery?

If the donor vehicle is running and has a properly functioning alternator, no.

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Will jump starting another car harm my car?

It can. Some new cars warn against jump starting another car. Others have special locations to put the jumper cables. I have seen people blow out fuses doing it wrong. Call a tow truck for the jump. They are trained, and if they cause a problem, you have some recourse.

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