Car not a truck

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Truck is not a car

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2022-10-08 05:13:44
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yes a car is not a truck.

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Q: Car not a truck
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What does a car have that a truck does not have?

A car has a trunk, and a truck does not.

Is hummer a car or a truck?


Is a truck a car?

Yes, but it is not a traditional sedan, which is a four-door, compact automobile. no they are not the same a truck is built for didderent types of terrain and condition a car is built maily for highway and street travel.

Who is most likely to be injured in a car and ten wheeler truck collisions?

Whether the car hits the truck or the truck hits the car, it's going to be bad for the car.

What was better to have a truck or a car in the 20's?


Car towing a car?

tow truck

A truck is towing a car whose mass is one quarter that of the truck The force exerted by the truck on the car is 6000 N The force exerted by the car on the truck is?

According to Newton's 3rd law of motion, to every action, there is equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, car will exert equal and opposite force on the truck. The truck is pulling the car and therefore, car also will pull the truck. Thus, direction of forces are opposite. Magnitudes of the forces will be equal.

Assuming a car is front wheel drive and assuming the car does not spin out on the truck. If a car pulls onto a truck going 65mph and the truck is going 60mph how fast will the car be traveling?

Upon much thinking, the car will be going at 125mph relative to the earth, and 65mph relative to the truck.

Can car mats be used in trucks?

Car mats and truck mats can be interchangeable. It really depends on the truck and car. A prius car mat and a Ford F 150 will not have the same mats but a larger car will have mats that can be used in a truck.

What has the most momentum a car a truck a motorcycle or a train?

A truck.

A truck and a car are traveling down the highway at the same speed If the truck has a greater mass than the car how do their kinetic energies compare?

Well if the truck is heavier than the car and going at the same speed, either the truck is going slow, or the car is going fast

Car Truck logo black out?

Yea! How do you blackout a car/truck logo? I really like it and want to do it.

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