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With a Class B license you can get a truck diving job such as driving a dump truck or garbage truck. You may also get a job such as a newspaper carrier.

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Q: Can I get a truck job with a Class B license?
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Do you need a special license to drive a garbage truck?

A Class B license would be all you need to drive a garbage truck. This is a special class license used to operate certain vihicles such as the garbage truck.

Do you have to have a class B license in order to drive a service truck?

Yes. A Class B license must be obtained to drive a service truck if that truck is over 26,000 pounds. A Class B license is also for driving buses, farm labor vehicles, and any housecar or trailer that is longer than forty five feet.

Are you required to have a special license or permit to drive a cement truck?

To drive a cement truck legally, you need a class B CDL (Commercial Drivers License). At 18, you can apply for a class B CDL.

What kind of job might I be able to find after I complete cdl training?

CDL stands for Commercial Drivers License. You can find a job as a truck driver. Class A is for the 80,000# gross vehicle weight semis. Class B can be anything from a garbage truck to a cement truck, and even school buses.

What exactly are class b truck driving jobs?

Class B truck driving jobs generally require a person to drive a truck, or a haul, or materials from one location to another. Class B truck driving jobs require a person to hold a valid Class B commercial driver's license.

What is the purpose of a class B driving job?

The primary purpose of Class B driving license is passenger transport. Bus drivers are required hold Class B license. Another purpose of Class B drivers license is to deliver and pick-up items.

What company will hire a convicted felon with a cdl class b license?

driving truck

What companies will hire a convicted felon with a CDL class B license?

driving truck

Can you get a class b cdl license without join to a truck driving school?

It can be done.

Does driving a pumper truck (septic company) require a special driver's license in Florida?

There is a license requirement to drive a pumper truck in Florida. The requirement is a class B CDL license.

Are water trucks class b?

Truck classification isn't concurrent with the license required to drive them. A single axle water truck could be a Class 5, 6, 7, or 8 truck, depending on the vehicle GVWR. A Class 7 or Class 8 truck would require a (minimum) Class B CDL.

What are the diriver license requirements for dump truck driving jobs?

For this type of job, a Class A or Class B commercial driver's license is required. Past experience in trucking is another important requirement for dump truck drivers. Another requirement for dump truck drivers is the ability to read city maps when needed, to get where they need to go with materials easily and efficiently.