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It depends on the car make

Most of the cars 100,000 miles is a high mileage

For some cars as Mercedes, BMW, Volvo 150,000 miles is a high mileage

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Q: At what mileage does a car become high mileage?
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Is 138676 good mileage on a car?

If the car was taken care of and serviced regularly then this is not really high mileage. It is not low mileage either. Expect to spend money on some repairs on a car with this mileage. If the car has been neglected then this is high mileage.

What is high mileage on car?


What is the best used high mileage car?

There are many excellent automobiles that will have high mileage. It all depends on how the car was taken care of. Research the reliability of the car you're interested in.

Is 77000 miles high mileage for a 2002 diesel car?

NO. For a diesel this is very low mileage.

Making claims onan extended car warranty on a high mileage car?

no it dose not

What mileage is considered high mileage per year on a car?

Average mileage per year is 10-14,000 on a vehicle, so more than this would be high mileage.

Purchasing the best made diesel car for its high mileage rating in an example of what?

Purchasing the best made diesel car for its high mileage rating in an example of logical decision making. The decision is based on the factors of cars performing the best in the mileage ratings.

What kind of oil do you use for a car that has over 100000 miles on it?

I recommend a high mileage oil such as Pennzoil High Mileage in the weight the manufacture of the vehicle recommends.

Older car with low mileage or newer car with high mileage?

A lot will depend on the condition and driving habits involved. A well kept older car will last a long time, while a high mileage car with mostly highway miles can also be expected to last. If either has been poorly maintained then the life expectancy drops considerably.

What is the best oil for a car with 140000 miles?

mobile 1 high mileage 5w30

Is a lot of mileage on a car good or bad?

Well of course the higher the mileage on the vehicle the more chance that something is worn out. So high mileage on a vehicle is a bad thing.

How can I determine if an auto has high mileage?

Generally speaking, the average driver puts 10,000-12,000 miles on the car each year. For a 5 year old car, anything higher than 60,000 would be considered high mileage.