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Unbalanced. The rotational force upon the drive wheels must be greater than the force of inertia in order for the car to begin moving.

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Q: Are the forces balanced or unbalanced when a car is setting off?
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Are the forces on a car unbalanced or balanced?


Explain the term balanced force and unbalanced force?

balanced forces are when the two opposite forces are equal and cause no change to the object e.g a car at a steady speed. unbalanced forces would cause the car to increase or decrease in speed

Are there unbalanced forces acting on the car even when its not being pushed?

If a car (or any object, for that matter) accelerates, that is, if it velocity changes, then there are unbalanced forces. If the object doesn't accelerate - for example, if it remains on the spot - then the forces are balanced.

What does unbalanced forces do to a car?

The same as they do to any other object.

Are the forces on a car that is traveling at a steady speed balanced or unbalanced?

naruto is the best show ever and unbalenced

Is a car balanced or unbalanced when turninng while moving at a constant speed?

The forces acting on the car are unbalanced because it is accelerating by changing direction, even though it has constant speed. Unbalanced forces cause acceleration (change in motion). That is what Newton's first law of motion is about.

Infer whether balanced forces must be acting on a car moving at a constant speed?

The friction force acting upon the turned wheels of the car cause an unbalanced force upon the car and a subsequent acceleration.

Is a car turning a corner balanced force?

No. The car is accelerating using an unbalanced force. Balanced force does not accelerate.

Is a parked car a balanced or unbalanced force?


The characteristics of unbalanced force and balanced force?

When equal and opposite forces act on an object, the object does not change its state of rest or motion. These forces are called balanced forces. When unequal forces act on an object, the object changes its state of rest or motion. Such forces are called unbalanced forces.

Why are forces balanced when a car is travelling at a steady speed?

If the forces weren't balanced, then the car would be (de) accelerating, thus the forces must be balanced.

What happens when an unbalanced forces act on an object that is at rest?

Then the object will move :) If you are talking about a car, and you have the brakes on, then it will be balanced because the brakes act as a balancing force.Scientifically, the only thing that makes a car move without any kind of brake on is because of unbalanced forces.