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Total momentum

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Q: A quantity which is conserved in the collision of a car and a truck is?
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Is the total angular momentum conserved when there is a two car collision?

Total angular momentum is always conserved - there is no way you can violate that law. So, the answer is yes.

What is meant by inelastic collision and elastic collision?

BackgroundMomentum of an of object is the product of its mass and velocity.A collision is when two or more objects hit each other.During a collision, the total momentum of a closed system is conserved;however, the kinetic energy may or may not be conserved during a collision.AnswerAn elastic collision is a collision in which the total kinetic energy of a system is conserved; that is, the sum of the kinetic energies of the colliding objects before and after the collision is the same.The collision of pool balls is considered an elastic collision because the amount of kinetic energy lost is trivial.In an inelastic collision on the other hand , kinetic energy is not conserved. Most collisions are inelastic because kinetic energy is transformed into other forms of energy (such as thermal energy, potential energy, sound, etc.) during the collision process.An example of an inelastic collision is a car crash.

A car and a truck have a collision The truck has a mass 8 times the mass of the car if the truck is moving at 60kmhr and the car is stationary how fast do the two move after their inelastic collision?

I will assume that the collision is completely inelastic (that is, the truck and the car coalesce, moving off with the same velocity after the collision). This assumption is crucial as without it, the question cannot be solved if the inelastic collision is maintained.Let the mass of the car be m. The mass of the truck is 8m.From the principle of conservation of momentum;8m(60) = (8m + m)vwhere v is the final velocity.So, v = 8(60)/9v = 53.3 km/h

Suppose a train car moving down a track at 10 ms hits another train car that is not moving Explain how momentum is conserved after the collision?

Suppose that 1st car is X-car and the 2nd car is Y-car. Answer: After the collision, car X is no linger moving, but car Y is moving.

When a toy truck collides with a toy car the momentum of is the same before and after collision?


When a toy truck collides into a toy car. the momentum of what is the same after and before the collition?

The TOTAL momentum (of toy truck + toy car) will be the same, before and after the collision.

A 500kg truck moving at 30ms strikes a parked 300kg car they connect together and move forward what is the speed of the car and truck as they move forward connected together after the collision?

A Lot!

What does a recovery truck do?

A recovery truck(also know as 'tow truck')is basically a vehicle used to transport a disabled car, truck etc., from one location to another. They are used for clearing accident and collision debris...

When a toy truck collides into a toy car the momentum of the what is the same before and after the collision?

The total momentum of the system doesn't change. In this case, it refers to the momentum of the toy truck plus the momentum of the toy car.

In an isolated system two cars each with a mass of 1000 kg collide Car 1 is initially at rest while Car 2 was moving at 10-ms They move off together What is their speed?

Since momentum must be conserved, they move off at a combined speed of 5 m/s. (If the masses are different, write an equation that states that momentum is conserved: momentum before the collision equal momentum after the collision).

What is a secondary collision?

When a vehicle is in a car accident there can be a secondary collision. For example, if car ÒbÓ was rear ended that is the first collision but when that car hit the car in front of them that is the secondary collision.

When a toy truck collides into a toy car the total momentum of what is the same before and after the collision?

The total momentum of the system doesn't change. In this case, it refers to the momentum of the toy truck plus the momentum of the toy car.

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