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Suppose that 1st car is X-car and the 2nd car is Y-car.

Answer: After the collision, car X is no linger moving, but car Y is moving.

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2011-11-10 22:31:31
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Q: Suppose a train car moving down a track at 10 ms hits another train car that is not moving Explain how momentum is conserved after the collision?
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Suppose a train car in moving down the track at 10ms hits another train car that is not moving explain how momentum is conserved after the collision?

Conservation of Momentum:The total momentum in a closed or isolated system remains constant. If the two trains are moving as one after the collision, and were the same mass M each, the total momentum before and after the collision would be the same, ccording to the law. Before the collision, the momentum (velocity times mass) was 10 x M units (one train) which must now be the same but applied to two trains (2M) moving as one body. The Conservation of Momentum rule, will tell you that the new moving body, being twice the mass, would be moving half the velocity to conserve the momentum from before the collision.

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Charge is conserved. Apply symmetry.

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Oh, it's tricky. But if you are in Physics 30 + it should be easy. First, the concept of Momentum and impulse is in here. So, first conservation of momentum law guarantees that the momentum before Math added is equal to the momentum after the mass added. Suppose the momentum is A. M : = Momentum = mv. v = M/m so velocity changes. So, if it's slower, does it takes longer or shorter time to travel the same distance? What about when velocity is faster. Remark: as m, mass, increases, the velocity decreases.

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