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All styles of Martial Arts do.

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Q: What types of martial arts teach you defense and attack moves or are the individual types of martial arts for both?
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In Pokemon LeafGreen what weakness's does your rivel have?

they dont persistently attack they use moves to help defense

What are the benefits of martial arts for mental?

When we study martial arts and apply them every day for self defense, we enhance our thinking skills of: 1.) Predicting the moves of your opponent. 2.) Thinking fast 3.) Controlling your adrenaline movements. There you have it.

What moves does sandslash learn?

Scratch Sand-Attack Defense Curl Defense Curl Sand-Attack Poison Sting Rapid Spin Swift Fury Swipes Rollout Crush Claw Fury Cutter Sand Tomb Slash Gyro Ball Sandstorm

What is sp defense on Pokemon?

It is your Pokémon's special defense, which affects how much special attack damage it can handle. The higher special defense is the less damage it takes from non-contact moves such as Psychic or Surf.

What moves do you use in martial arts?

Each art has variations on these types of moves: the attack, the feint, the avoidance and the parry. Since each art comes from and embodies a different philospohical point of view, each has an emphasis on a different type of move.

Who is better Snorlax or ursaring?

Overall the better choice is Snorlax because not only does it have lots of defense and HP it's attack power and available moves are excellent.

Is flygon a legendary Pokemon?

Flygon is a very good Pokemon. It has base 100 Attack and Speed, as well as base 80 HP, Special Attack, Defense, and Special Defense. It has the ability Levitate, granting it a resistance to Ground-type moves, as well as its resistance to Electric-type moves. It learns the full set of Dragon and Ground type moves, as well as some Grass, Bug, Fire, Flying, Rock, and Steel moves.

What affects a pokemons stats?

Pokemon's stats are pretty simple. Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. And HP ( health points) Attacks form other Pokemon are usually the cause of stat loss. For example, A move like Growl will lower the attack for the remainder of the fight. Scary Face lowers speed. Leer lowers defense etc.... Alternatively, there are also attacks that UR Pokemon can use that raise their stats. For example, Calm mind will RAISE the special attack stat. Dragon Dance will raise both Attack AND speed...etc.... Hope I Helped! ^_^

In Pokemon leaf green is a Pichu Pikachu or Raichu better?

Well, here are their base stats: Pichu HP: 20 Attack: 40 Defense: 15 Sp. Attack: 35 Sp. Defense: 35 Speed: 60 Total: 205 Pikachu HP: 35 Attack: 55 Defense: 30 Sp. Attack: 50 Sp. Defense: 40 Speed: 90 Total: 300 Raichu HP: 60 Attack: 90 Defense: 55 Sp. Attack: 90 Sp. Defense: 80 Speed: 100 Total: 475 I would pick Raichu, but you have to remember that once you evolve your Pikachu into Raichu, it won't learn any more moves by leveling up. I leveled my Pikachu to level 41 so it would learn Thunder, then I evolved it. Pikachu learns Light Screen at level 50 if that interests you.

Can you get a sentence for martial?

Bullies won't pick on students of martial arts for long. When the National Guard moves into a riot-torn area, martial law ensures peace. Will martial law be necessary on the Martian planet?

What has the author Christopher J Goedecke written?

Christopher J. Goedecke has written: 'The soul polisher's apprentice' -- subject(s): Philosophy, Martial arts 'Smart moves' -- subject(s): Assault and battery, Bullies, Bullying, Juvenile literature, Prevention, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Self-defense for children, Self-defense, Self-defense for children

What moves does Jackie Chan have?

Jackie Chan's Moves are Martial Arts ..... It's like kung-fu or karate