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Velveeta cheese comes in a standard 16 ounce box. This is the smallest box that it comes in bulk at many stores. The cheese can also be bought in a 32 ounce box.

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Q: What size box does Velveeta Cheese come in?
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What size does Mexican Velveeta Cheese come in?

It comes in a 2lb., 1lb., and 10oz. box.

Which cheese does not have to be refrigerated?

Only processed cheese like powdered (macaroni & cheese box kits) and Velveeta, which still requires refrigeration after opening.Basically, only eat cheese that requires refrigeration.

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Veterinarian vegetable vagabond (hobo) Venus villain Valentine Velveeta Cheese (box or jar)

How do you make cheesey broccoli and couliflower?

My method would be to steem the vegetables to ur desired texture, usually until they still have a little bit of their crunch. Then I would use the cheese packet from a box of mac n cheese, put it in a sauce pan and add a bit of water to dissolve the powder and prolly put in some velveeta to melt in with it. Pour the cheese sauce over the vegies and tada!

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When did Kraft discontinue wood boxes for cheese?

Type your answer here..1928 Kraft's Velveeta Cheese was invented. It was packaged using the 1921 invention of a tinfoil lining that could house the cheese inside a wooden box. Its special cooking properties quickly caught on. When melted, it was as smooth as velvet (hence its name), and it would never curdle when heated. It replaced canned cheese. James L. Kraft founded J.L Kraft Bros. cheese factory in Stockton, Illinois in 1914. He introduced the company's first cheese in tins a year later. In 1917, Kraft cheese in tins was accompanying WWI soldiers to foreign fronts.

Does anyone have a recipe for mac and cheese made with velveeta cheese?

Macaroni and cheese is a matter of personal taste--you may like it cheesier than someone else, with topping or without, etc. I use about a pound (half of the most common sized box) for a large, deep-dish casserole, and it's pretty cheesy. I cut it into small cubes and stir it into the macaroni (already boiled) with some milk (a cup or so). After baking it (at 350F) for 20 minutes to allow the cheese to melt, stir it to coat all the macaroni. Continue to bake until the cheese starts to brown, then take it out and serve.

Does Mac and cheese have protein?

Both - cheese contains fat and is a protein food.

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