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The Polaroid 430 Land cameras were made in the 1970s, and sell for $15-$100. A collector can easily pick-up a cheap 430, because the film is expensive and not likely to be available indefinitely.

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Q: What is the value of a Polaroid 430 Land Automatic camera?
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Polaroid 420 land camera value?

Vintage Polaroid 420 Land Camera w/manual and optional Focused Flash is $9.99.

Where can i get film for a polaroid automatic land 125 camera?

You can probably find it on sale at eBay.

How much is a 1947 Polaroid Camera worth?

Polaroid began manufacturing the first Polaroid (Polaroid 95 Land Camera) in 1948. If you have a 1947 camera, it's a prototype.

What is the value of a Polaroid SX 70 Land camera?

~$50 if you're lucky. No film available

What was Polaroid's first camera called?

The first Polaroid camera was the Polaroid 95 Land Camera, manufactured from 1948-1953.You can see a picture of this camera via Related Links, below.

What did Edwin Land invent?

the polaroid camera

How much did a Polaroid camera cost in 1950?

The Polaroid Model 95 Land Camera cost $89.75. That was their only camera in 1950.

What is the value of a polaroid 100 land camera?

Very little because it's almost impossible to get the films for them.

What is the value of a Polaroid J85 Land camera?

According to company records, Polaroid didn't make a J85 model camera. The two closest matches are the J66 and the Colourpack 85. The latter camera was the same as the Colorpack 82, but branded for the European market. Also Polaroid made 185 camera, which some could read as J85.

What is the value of a polaroid sx70 land camera wleather case and original owners books?

Check eBay for comparable prices.

What inventions were made in 1947?

Microwave and polaroid land camera

Who created the polaraid camera?

Edwin Land created the Polaroid Camera. He was a physicist and, of course, patented his idea for the instant camera. He also founded the Polaroid Corporation itself.

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