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Swelling of your feet

or other extremeties should be addressed by a physician ASAP as they may indicate

further examination of a possible heart condition.I found this out the hard way when

I was diagnosed with a cardiomyopathy caused by drinking water containing some

type of parasite while on vacation in the tropics.

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Hypertersion or High Blood pressure commonly causes water retention in the feet and ankles in the elderly

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Q: What causes swollen feet and ankles?
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Is it normal to have a pulse in the low 40s and slightly swollen ankles?

No it is not and your swollen ankles means you are retaining water. If you are on medications some meds can cause swelling of the ankles and feet. A pulse of 40 is low so I suggest you get to your doctor immediately. I am not trying to panic you, but these symptoms can be mean heart problems to kidney problems. If on any medications then your doctor needs to know what side effects you are experiencing and either adjust the dose or put you on another medication. There could be other causes, but, if you see your doctor now there is no reason you can't control whatever situation is causing the low pulse and the swelling.

What is caved ankles?

caved in ankles occur when the weight of your body is pushed to the centre of your arch in the feet. your feet can look more flat and your ankles appear crooked. most peoples body weight is pushed to the outside of your foot, opposite to the arch, but caved ankles push the weight to the arch. This causes the feet to lean inwards. Sometimes if you have recently gained weight your arch can appear more flat, and the ankles can begin to cave due to extra weight pressuring the arch. Things like foot inserts or orthopedic shoes cancan help caved ankles, and help support the arch, bringing the angle up to a straighter position.

Does arthritis cause feet and ankles to burn?

I have arthritis and this feeling can occur. especially in your feet, it feels like you need to just sit downI have rheumatoid arthritis and I get a burning sensation in all of my joints, particularly during a flare up.

Can a defective swollen aorta be repaired?

A defective swollen aorta can be repaired. This is a major surgical procedure.

How do you get to midget world?

by intimately stroking a leprechaun after having your ankles surgically attached to your knees?

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Why feet swollen?

Swollen feet are a condition in which muscles in the feet have an excessive fluid. This excessive fluid can be causes of increasing weight. It is also called Edema which usually affects the feet, lower legs and ankles.

Why are your feet and ankles swollen after a miscarriage?

Swollen feet and ankles after suffering through a miscarriage are caused by hormones. These same hormones that are occurring during the pregnancy contribute to water retention.

Does drinking alcohol cause swollen feet and ankles?


How do you know if your ankles and feet are swollen?

You will know if your ankles and feet are swollen by looking at them. Your legs may also feel heavy and can be a bit painful. Try to keep as active as possible and when sitting, avoid crossing your legs.

Can back pain give you swollen ankles?

no it does not gives you swollen ankles

Is swollen ankles a sign of diabetes?

Is swollen ankles a sign of diabetes?

Can taking painkillers cause swollen ankles?

can pain meds make your feet swell

What causes swollen ankles and swollen neck at the same time?

Fluid retention caused by excess salt intake can cause swollen ankles and a swollen neck. Usually, a swollen neck is caused by swollen lymph nodes which are caused by an infection of some type but since your ankles are swollen also I would suspect fluid retention. Try severely limiting your intake of salt. Do not just eliminate white table salt. Also eliminate salt from processed meats and snacks.

Feet swell even when sitting why?

Swollen feet are a condition in which muscles in the feet have an excessive fluid. This excessive fluid can be causes of increasing weight. It is also called Edema which usually affects the feet, lower legs and ankles.