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If it is the type with the sliding door on the console, make sure the ignition is on, but engine off, and press the button under the handle at the back of the console (the handle separates the two sections of the console) and this will release an electronic lock and this moves the console back and forth. The diagnostic socket is also under here!

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Q: How do you remove centre console in Renault megane?
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Remove the ash tray from the centre console, just behind there!

How do you remove dash in 04 Renault Megane Grand scenic?

To remove the dash in 04 Renault Megane Grand scenic you need a tool box. The tools in the tool box will help you open and then remove the dashboard in the 04 Renault Megane Grand scenic.

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To remove gearbox Renault megane 1.6, one needs to first and foremost remove the gearframe from the system. Then reboot the engine and make sure that the gearframe is replaced.

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Wait for it to fall off. Being a Renault, it shouldn't take long.

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You can remove the center console by removing the retaining bolts. You will also need to remove the shifter knob.

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there isn't a drain plug, you will have to remove the bottom hose

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finding out how hard it is so how hard is it you plumb are you not supposed to write on how to do it

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i have the same problem with a Renault clio 182 cup. French cars ain't the best for this stuff :(

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From a megane owner: This is usually because of a wiring fault that can be repaired at you dealership. Not a DIY job!!

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In order to remove the key card reader from Renault Megane the cover surrounding it on the dashboard must be removed first to gain access to the reader. Removing the reader all together would cause the car to stop functioning.

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