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The VW Beetle does not have clutch fluid. There is not any fluid associated with the clutch. The transmission has transmission fluid.

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Q: Check the clutch fluid on a new beetle?
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How do you change a slave cylinder on a 1980 Ford Courier?

Loosen hydraulic line on slave cylinder (may need to use flared end wrench). Unbolt and remove fluid line. Install new part in reverse order of removing old part. Add clutch/brake fluid, and bleed system.

93tercel new clutch kit installed i have a problem getting the car into gear without stalling when i push the clutch it does not want to disengage the tranny all the way once u get in gear it stalls?

clutch needs adjusting,or if a hydraulic operated clutch, the system needs proper bleeding

What does the lighting bolt mean on dashboard display?

My girlfriend told me the Lightning Bolt was lit on her New Beetle dash. I did not know what it was and could not look at it for several days. It turned out to be the Check Engine Light. It has a Lightning Bolt across an engine symbol

How do you replace a clutch slave cylinder on a civic?

answer unscrew fluid pipe unscrew 2 bolts,on the new one make sure apply some goood grease on the end ball and on the fork round hole,or else it will squeek,reverse removal on the new one then bleed the system slow & verrry well and then gain

How do you check the fluid on a manual transmission?

front wheel drive cars have a plug in the transaxle that you can take out and check the level by sticking your finger into the hole. the level will be correct if you can touch fluid. This plug can be seen after taking off the wheel. rear wheel drive is the same only much harder to get to (you must get under car and be careful to unplug the uppermost hole or you will have trans fluid all over

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How do you adjust the clutch on my 1999 vw beetle. The clutch is not fully disengaging and I beleieve it could be this. However this may be a hydralic clutch sooooo?

Did you check the Clutch fluid? It could be next to the Brake Fluid container. They should look similar but the Clutch container should be slightly smaller. Check your manual, I think my old Turbo TBird, I had to lift the clutch pedal to make up for wear. Is your clutch worn out? How old is it? You say MAYBE a Hydralic clutch? If it's not then you'll have to check your manual or buy a work manual to adjust it. It's usually not that hard. sorry buddy but this clutch it's not adjustable.which means you need a new clutch kit and have it replaced.

Clutch adjustment procedure for a 1982 Nissan Pick Up Truck?

check your clutch fluid level and your clutch slave cylinder for leaks,if both are ok,then you probly need a new clutch.

What power steering fluid for 1999 new beetle?

show me where to add power sterring fluid to my 1999 beetle

If the clutch is constantly slipping in a 1986 Mazda 626 DX where and how do you add clutch fluid?

you dont add clutch fluid. If the clutch is slipping that means that you need to buy a new clutch

How do you check the lines of the slave cylinder for leaks?

Go to the transmission and check slave cylinder for leaks,also check clutch master cylinder,then go look by your clutch pedal to see if its leaking there,these are your places that it could be leaking,is your fluid level low,if not ,then you may need a new clutch kit.

How do you change the clutch fluid on a VW caravelle?

Suck the clutch fluid out of the resovoir with a machine or vacula system. Then add new clutch fluid (which is primarily DOT3 brake fluid in most apps). For proper sequence repeat the process and bleed the clutch system ( depending on make/model).

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 99 volkswagen new beetle 1.8 turbo there just doesn't seem to be an easy way to do anything on this car except check the oil?

Owner's manual. Actual Answer: There is no data in the owner's manual on checking or maintaining the transmission fluid level. I have a new beetle, it's leaking, and it seems the only recourse to submit myself (and my wallet) to the VW dealer - again.

How do you adjust clutch on 5 speed standard 1998 Mitsubishi galant?

You dont..its hydrolic...if the petal spongy..check the fluid level in drive side firewall..if low add..brake fluid...get new master..and or slave... If its slipping...time for a clutch assy....

Where does the cluch fluid in a 1999 ford contour svt?

Ther is no such fluid get new clutch if its having problems

How can you make a clutch adjustment on a 2001 Ford Focus SE?

I believe that a 2001 Focus will have a hydraulic clutch. If so, there is no adjustment required... In other words, or to add, if Your clutch is catching very high up, you may need a new clutch. Check hydraulic fluid if catching very low.

Why do you have to turn a lot of RPMs for the transmission to shift in a 1992 Nissan 4x4 pickup?

your clutch may be slipping ,first check and see if your clutch slave cylinder is leaking,check your clutch master cylinder to see if your fluid level is ok.if level is ok and no leaking slave cylinder,then you probaly need a new cluch.

Where is the clutch fluid in a 96 Nissan 200sx?

The '96 200sx has no fluid for the clutch. This car has a cable operated clutch that needs to be adjusted. If the cable breaks the clutch will not disengage. If the clutch is getting tight it will need lubed. If lubing the cable doesn't work a new cable is needed.

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