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My girlfriend told me the Lightning Bolt was lit on her New Beetle dash. I did not know what it was and could not look at it for several days. It turned out to be the Check Engine Light. It has a Lightning Bolt across an engine symbol

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Q: What does the lighting bolt mean on dashboard display?
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What does the warning light on the 2006 Chrysler 300 dashboard that looks like a red lighting bolt mean?

That is the indicator for a failure in the electronic throttle system.

What does the thunderbolt symbol on your dashboard mean?

do you mean a lightening bolt symbol? Seems to be an electrical indicator.

What does the lighting bolt mean 2004 new beetle?

Refer to your "Owners" manual.

What does the Chevy Trailblazer dashboard light mean car with a bolt on the side rear?

Gas Cap is loose

What does a lighting bolt mean as a Mexican Gang facial tattoo?

Wouldn't know, they're in Mexico or not

What does the lighting bolt warning light mean?

A fault has been detected in the electronic throttle system.

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What does a lighting bolt warning symbol on a 2005 Chrysler pacific mean?

something electrical I would assume

What does the lighting bolt warning light mean on a 2004 dodge durango?

Electric throttle control problem

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What does the dashboard lightning bolt in parenthesis mean on your dodge magnum?

The engine computer has detected a malfunction in the electronic throttle system. The computer will have stored a code.

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