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Technically, you could. There is a difference in gauge size though. An eyebrow piercing is a 16 while a belly ring is a 14. It would hurt to move up in size and would probably look unattractive because belly rings have much bigger jewels/ends.

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Q: Can you use belly button piercings for eyebrow piercings?
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Does a navel piercing have the same curve to it as an eyebrow piercing- Is the jewelry interchangeable?

Yes, and they recomend you not to cause the eyebrow ring may sink into your naval. they recomend you to use belly button rings instead.

Can a surface piercing be done using normal procedure eg belly button piercing?

Not sure what you're asking. Dermal piercings can be put in the same area as a standard belly piercing would. If you're asking if surface piercings are just like belly piercings, no. Technically, navel piercings are surface piercings. other surface piercings require a different shape bar or dermals if you use them. They're typically deeper too.

Can you get a belly piercing without it hurting to much?

Theres not much that you can do before or during. Really, it'll only hurt when it starts swelling. Then you just use ibuprofen, warm water soaks, and ice. Belly button piercings are said to be the easiest piercings so don't worry!

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What do they use to pierce your belly button?

A Needle.

What is the use of the belly button?

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What does getting your eyebrow pierce mean?

Yes it means you have a pierced eyebrow. Piercings mean what you want them to mean, but they mean nothing to the general public. I agree with the above answer but my best rfiend has his pierced and I think of him as a bit of a punk.

Can you use alcohol to clean a belly button piercing?


How do you stop picking you belly button?

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