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It will cause it to run sluggishly.

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Q: Can a bad knock sensor cause the car do start bad?
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If a knock sensor goes bad will it cause motor not to start?

No. Worst case senario with a bad knock sensor is check engine light, and bad fuel economy. Also spark knock, which if not taken care of can cause excessive heat to build in the engine and cause premature failure.

How does a knock sensor go bad?

In most cases corrosion will cause a knock sensor to go bad. The knock sensor can also be shorted out by an electrical surge.

Can a defective knock sensor cause bad mileage?


What can happen if a knock sensor is bad?

the motor could pre-detonate or "knock" that can cause damage

Could a bad knock sensor cause your car not to start?

No all it is is basically a microphone to monitor for noise-nothing to do with the engine running.

Will a bad knock sensor stop a Volvo 240 from starting?

I have a 240 and with the knock sensor unplugged it will still start so I would have to say no.

Will a knock sensor start working correctly if you start using a high octane fuel?

Perhaps--unless the sensor itself is bad.

Can a bad crankshaft sensor cause a2.3ford not to crank?

A bad crankshaft sensor on a 2.3 Ford may cause the car to not start. A bad crankshaft sensor can crank, just not start.

Can a bad knock sensor cause your car to shutoff?

yes, it is protecting the motor from damage.

What happens if you drive the vehicle with a bad knock sensor?

If you run your rig with a bad knock sensor the computer will not be able to tell if or when your engine starts to knock (such as a rod knocking). That is if it isn't already cause the sensor is there for insurance. Make sure the sensor is bad and if so have it replaced asap. It is an expensive job cause you have to remove the intake to get to them (some engines have two under the intake). willyray3

What does a car do when the knock sensor is bad?

The knock sensor retards the engine timing when there is a knock or ping detected. This will make the car a little sluggish. It is rare that the knock sensor goes bad.

Will it hurt engine to drive with bad knock sensor?

Yes it can hurt your engine to drive with a bad knock sensor. The knock sensor should be replaced as soon as possible.

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