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Sociology examines social phenomenon e.g. socially constructed gender identities. Sociologists might ask why it is that females are socialised to behave in certain ways, eg. why does the imagery on maths textbooks in schools feature masculine themes/colors in order to normalise this as a male subject, and imagery on home economics books feature feminine themes/colors to appeal to girs? Sociologists might ask, how does socialising gender identities in this way maintain a particular social order, whose interests does this searve and why, in order to think outside the square and understand society at a deeper level.

There are similarities between social work and psychology. e.g. both may provide counselling/supportive functions in their day to day work. Agencies such as child protection services can hire people with degrees in sociology, social work or psychology to perform pretty much the same job. However, theories used behined performing this performance can differ depending of qualifications.

As the name suggests, psychologists are familiar with the human psych- how the mind works and how this affects behaviours. Career opportunities for psychologists include consumer research, advertising and marketing. As the name suggests, social workers are familiar with the social- the impact of social issues e.g. new social policies on individuals, communities and groups. Carrer opportunities for social workers include particular service areas such as housing or domestic violence, or policy areas such as discrimination and inequality.

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I recently completed Sociology 101 and am taking Psychology 101 this month.

Psychology is the study of the mind (it's all internal).

Sociology studies your environment (with social interactions) and how it changes and controls your thoughts and actions (how you react to external forces).

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Sociology is the study of human social behavior in GROUPS. It analyzes group dynamics and how and why people act the way they do when they interact with other people in groups. Psychology focuses on the INDIVIDUAL rather than the group. It studies individual mental and emotional processes rather than interaction with other people.

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Sociology is the study of the functioning, structural organization, development and classification of human societies and groups./Psychology is the study of all forms of human and animal behaviour including the influences and mental make-up of an individual or individuals.

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Q: What are the differences between psychology and sociology?
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What are the differences between anthropology and sociology to other sciences?

These "sciences", including history & psychology, are sometimes considered social sciences. Social science denotes a lack mathematical evidence, the lack of the scientific method, etc. Compare this to "natural sciences": Physics, chemistry, biology, etc. These have apparent connections to mathematical law, MUST follow the scientific method, and on. Hope that helps.

Who used the scientific discoveries of the 1800s as a basis for his philosophy and applied the study of evolution to the academic disciplines of biology sociology psychology and other areas?

Herbert Spencer

What is the relationshipe beteewn sociology and other social sciences Ike History geography Economice psychology and politicalScience?

well, sociology is the study of humans in groups where as other social sciences study other aspects, like psychology is the scientific study of behaious and mental processes,economics study the behavious of house holds and firms who are in the market and how their supply and demand behavious changes with conditions.ther are also other social sciences like enthrapology,history,astrology, but the basic relation between all social sciences is that all of them study human behaviour. thanku

What is the difference between medical sociology and medical anthropology?

sociology is the scientific study of human interaction while anthropology refer to the study of human kind or humanity

What is an example of the difference between sociology and anthropology?

The science which studies about the social web and relation is called sociology and Anthropology is the study of origination of human or (past),present and some time future also.

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What are the similarities and differences between sociology and social psychology?

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Relation and difference between sociology n psychology?

Sociology and psychology both try to look at and examine people's social behavior, however the key differences are that sociology looks at the social behavior of people in GROUPS while psychology analyzes the INDIVIDUAL.

What is the relationship between Psychology and Sociology?

Psychology can be thought of as the study of behavior and mental process. Sociology, is like the psychology of society - the behavior of people within society, how society affects the mental process/actions of the each person.

What kind of job can you get with an associates in Psychology and Sociology?

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What are the areas of social differences?

Anthropology, communication studies, economics, human geography, history, political science, psychology sociology, humanities.

What is the differences between social psychology and psychology?

Compared with personality psychology, social psychology focuses less on individuals' differences and more on how individuals, in general, view and affect one another.

In what order are these majors brainy Philosophy psychology and sociology?

The order for the three majors is sociology, psychology, and lastly philosophy.

How was psychology different from sociology?

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Sociology is the study of human social life.

What is an example of psychology in sociological behavior?

Psychology-If there is a problem with only one tree,then the psychology is applicable Sociology-If there is a problem with the whole forest,then sociology is applicable.

What is the Differences between Economics and sociology?

Economics deals with Money and expenditure in countries Sociology deals with people and processes in society.

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