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industry is larger than Hollywood's and the internet is seen as the next huge growth area. Software developers are converting games for Web use or writing new ones. Game entertainment websites, often subscription-only, are becoming ubiquitous. A web-based video game needs applets, programs written in Java included in HTML and transferred to the viewing machine. You write one like this:

1. The simplest applet is

...which tells the browser to load the applet AppletSubclass and display it with the specified height and width.

2. The value of a parameter can be provided immediately after the tag as follows:

3. HTML code is interpreted only by browsers that don't understand the tag.

4. If a browser can't display an applet for any reason, it displays text in the ALT section. 5. By default, a browser looks for an applet's class and archive files in the same directory as the HTML file with the tag. It's sometimes useful to put files somewhere else, using the CODEBASE attribute:

If aURL is relative, it will be interpreted relative to the HTML document's location. If aURL is absolute, an applet can be loaded from almost anywhere, even another HTTP server.

6. If there's more than one file, it's useful to provide an archive file that combines all the applet's files into one. This reduces total download time by reducing the number of HTTP connections the browser must make. Download time can vastly exceed transfer time. Files can be compressed.

7. JAR is the standard Java archive format. JAR files are specified using the ARCHIVE attribute of the tag. Multiple files are separated by commas”

If you have basic knowledge of C, C++ or Java, web-based video game applets wil allow you to create a worldwide community of game-players using any platform and most Web Browsers.

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Q: How to Write a Web-Based Video Game Applet?
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