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There are some hormonal changes in the body leading to variance of PMS from one month to another. This can't be take as a sure sign of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test to confirm

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Q: Your period was heavy last month but this month is light with no cramping?
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Is it bad if you have a heavy period on one month and a light one the next month?

No it is not bad, as some ladies have a heavy period for one month and then a light one or they may have two heavy periods and then one light one also.

Can a heavy flow one month cause a period delay the next month?

Possibly. Or it could lead to a light flow.

Does cramping occurs 2 weeks before your period starts?

It can happen at any time of the month but usually cramping occurs just before or during your period.

Is there a chance of pregnancy if you began spotting 2 weeks after your period went off for a week with cramping and nausea?

unless the next month you miss your period and you dont have one no. Cramping and nausea come with your period

You are 1 month pregnant what does it mean when you have brown spotting?

Spotting in the 1st month usually means nothing unless it is accompanied by cramping. I have had 4 successful pregnancies and have spotted light brown/pinkish with no complications with the babies. If the bleeding becomes heavy or cramping starts you should definitely see a doctor and express your concerns

Your period was very short this month and it finished but I'm still cramping?

Part of the period, maybe it wasn't as short as you think.

Could you be pregnant if you have been on the birth control Implanon and have been on your period for a month and half with very light spotting and somewhat heavy bleeding with cramping at times?

Signs of pregnancy on the implant are lack of bleeding and positive pregnancy test. Irregular bleeding on the implant is a side effect, and not a sign of pregnancy.

Can you have a miscarriage if you have pains in your stomach in your first month of pregnancy?

Pain that is heavy cramping and accompanied by bloody discharge or bleeding like having a period could indicate a miscarriage. It is difficult to tell that early in a pregnancy unless you have a doctor's exam.

What is the problem when my period is almost completely brown with little red for two days with mild constant cramping low near cervix though little to no blood is flowing anymore?

This might be because your period is ending for the month or some females start their periods like that and then have heavy blood flows.

Is it normal to have a period twice a month and bleed heavy and when have a bowel movement you bleed?

is it normal to have a period twice a month and bleed when you had a bowel movement or and bleed heavy and think you pregnant is it because of sex but doing in rectum

Why do you have a heavy period on the first day only?

Some do have their period heavy the first day because since a month past it is taking everything out it deppens of that persons body

What are some signs that you are going to get your period?

There are a few signs a woman will get each month before her period. Mild cramping, mood swings, and an acne breakout are just a few of things that can occur.