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If you've got your period, you're probably not pregnant.....

BUT, what you could think is your period could be spotting due to the embyo implanting in the uterine wall, could be a sign of a problem with a pregnancy, many women report getting a "period" in the early stages of pregnancy. Ovulation usually takes place 14 days BEFORE your next menstrual cycle and the ovum lives at most 24 hours before it disintegrates.

So with all of this and many other factors aside, GET A PREGNANCY TEST.

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Q: You havent seen your period for 47 days and now it just came are you pregnant?
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Your 26 havent had a period in40 days and im not pregnant help?

take a hot shower or bath

If I had a light period for 3 days and normally they last 5 days followed with breast tenderness and I took a pregnancy test and it said negative but havent started my period am i pregnant?

Sounds to me like you are just having a period and are not pregnant.

You have light bleeding like once a day for like 3 days but havent started your period?

you could be pregnant

You have the Mirena and havent had a period for a month ive been throwing up the past couple days are you pregnant?


You are 29 yrs old you have a irregular period for 3 months or more if you get period which will be the days to get pregnant and how to get pregnant?

yes that's y u havent hed from her by some white dud

How quick can you tell your pregnant?

I dont think you can tell that your pregnant until your period due date or not. Wait 3-5 days and if you havent had your period after your due date, ask your doctor.

Can a girl get pregnant if you came in her 5 days before her period?


Could you be pregnant if your period came 50 days late and only for 2 days?

yes could

Period came 9 days early and its never been early can you be pregnant?

Not necessarily

Your period came 4 days early could you still be pregnant?

If you had a period after you had sex, you're not pregnant. The uterus is shedding its lining, which, if you were pregnant, it would keep to nourish the embryo.

Can you be pregnant if your period came on even though your boyfriend cam in you some days before your period?

It's unlikely if you've had your normal period.

What happens if you haven't came on your period in 7 days?

you may be pregnant - take a pregnancy test