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Yes it would... The saliva your mouth produces, provides 'lubrication' as the food is swallowed - making its transition to your stomach easier.

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Q: Would it be difficult to swallow without saliva in your mouth?
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What is the purpose of the mucous in the structure?

Without mucus you would swallow your tongue and it also keep your mouth wet oops sorry that's Saliva

Why you cant live without saliva?

I'm not positively certain - but if I would have to guess, I'd say it's obviously to keep your mouth moist and to help swallow food better - because I think it would be hard to swallow any kind of food with a dry mouth.

What if salivary glands this did not work?

Well your mouth would be very dry, swallowing would hurt (saliva coats chewed up food, called a bolus, as you swallow it). Digestion of carbohydrates/starch normally begins in the mouth because of salivary amylase in the saliva; this would not happen if there was no saliva

How often do you swallow your saliva?

well if u don't drink water u possibly can i would think

What is the only way of getting rid of hicups?

This is the most consistent method I have found for getting rid of hiccups. This only works though if you catch it early though. If you hold your breath and swallow three times you can get rid of your hiccups. I would advise building up saliva before so that it is easier to swallow. Swallow only about half of it the first time, swallow the last bit the second, and then build up more saliva so that you can swallow again.

What is the function of the saliva produced by the salivary glands?

Well if you didn't produce saliva, food would be pretty hard to chew. So it mostly mushes your food up more and makes it easier to swallow :)

What will happen if saliva is not secreted by salivary glands?

The mouth would dry out completely, it would be impossible to talk and difficult to eat.

If the Salivary gland is taken out what effect will it have?

You would not be able to produce saliva, you wouldn't be able to taste food because theres not saliva to mix with it, and you would probably choke every time you tried to swallow a piece of food because there is nothing to lubricate the oesophagus.

Would you die without saliva?

yes, because if you didn't have it then you would choke and it would be an uber challenge to eat crackers and bread! ^_^

What do you think would happen if there was no saliva in the mouth?

Your food needs the saliva to help break it down for digestion. It also keeps food from sticking to teeth so much, also it will eventually make tooth decay. Without saliva, your mouth would become very dry, hard to swallow and. Lips would crack and eventually you get a sore throat. Certain medications makes "Dry mouth" as well as poor diet. Increase vitamin B-12 and Iron.

Where would you find your saliva?

You will find saliva in your mouth as you have saliva glads there.

What would your life be like without weather?

It would be difficult to survive. If there will be no weather,it will be difficult to sustain in same conditions.