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Quick answer: NO; it is spceiffically addressed in the exculusions sections of the policy

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Q: Will progressive RV insurance cover rodent damage such as chewed wiring?
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Can you claim rat damage on your house insurance?

you can but its not covered so I wouldn't bother

Does auto comprehensive insurance cover rodent damage?

currently going thru this. State Farm says they will cover, but don't do anything to vehicle until they have an adjuster/claim rep assess damage

Does Erie insurance cover raccoon damage to attic or roof in IL?

Most policies do not cover rodent damages.

Does homeowners insurance cover skunk damage to duct work under your house. A skunk is not defined as a rhodent or varment?

Damage from animals is not a covered cause whether or not it is caused by a rodent or varmint.

Why does the crank sensor get chewed up on a 2000 dodge ram?

If the tip is getting damaged, there is a loose or broken part inside the bell housing. If the wires are getting chewed on, you have a rodent problem.

Does state farm ins comprehensive cover rodent damage in car?

Yes, rodent damage would be covered under your comprehensive coverage, your deductible will be applied.

Would homeowners insurance cover rodent damaged load bearing wall studs discovered after I bought the house (tented it before we moved in) while replacing pumbing?

What you should look to for coverage is your home buyers warranty.Typically Homeowners Insurance will not cover pre-existing damage. Any damage the home incurred before the policy started is not a loss deemed to have occurred in the policy term and therefore not eligible for coverage. It will also not cover damage that occurred to a property before you became the owner.

Does homeowners insurance cover wood damage and chewed wires caused by squirrels?

Yes, Careful when you place a claim tho. Too many and they can cancel your insurance and it makes it hard to get coverage in the future. When a squirrel fell into a plumbing vent and clogged my vertical waste pipe, State Farm said damage from vermin is not covered and sqirrels are vermin.

Raccoon-resistant grain storage bins Is there such a thing?

Acorn Developments has a line of bins that claim to be 100% rodent proof and most come with a lid stay and the ability to lock if required. The most effective means of limiting rodent damage is rodent-proof construction. New buildings should be designed and built to prevent rodent entry.

Which pests eat foam?

I can't think of one that eats foam but many will tunnel into it. Without seeing the damage it's hard for us to speculate, but my guess would be a rodent for nesting material or just gnawing. Look for rodent droppings if damage extensive and doesn't indicate something smaller.

Is horse a rodent?

no a horse is not a rodent

What are the sighs of rodent infestation?

The most common is droppings under cabinets, etc., where they tend to spend time hiding. Other signs are food wrappers that have been chewed or just nesting material or urine in traffic areas.