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In majority of states no. Special flood coverage has to be bought.

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Q: Will A Standard Homeowner's Policy Cover Flood Damage?
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Does homeowners pay for fence damage by wind?

Subject to your deductible, yes a standard HO3 policy should cover your wind damage.

Does homeowners cover removal of honeybees?

No. Damage from insects would not be covered on a homeowners policy.

Does Allstate cover lightning strikes in there homeowners policy?

All homeowners policies cover damage caused by lightning.

Does homeowners insurance cover sprinkler system?

Your homeowners insurance should cover damage to your sprinkler system if the cause of the damage is covered by your homeowners insurance policy such as fire, lightning, freezing of pipes, etc. Homeowners insurance is not a maintenance policy and will not cover mechanical failure of your system.

Does homeowners insurance cover a vehicle if it got hailed on while on the property?

No. Homeowners Insurance does not cover Hail damage to an Automobile.Hail damage to an automobile is covered by the vehicles Auto insurance policy. Vehicles are not scheduled property on a homeowners policy.

Does a standard homeowners insurance policy cover the death of the insurer?

No, Homeowners Insurance does not provide the coverage of a life insurance policy.

Does travellers insurance policy cover damage caused by raccoons?

Usually not. Destruction by vermin (which raccoons would likely be classified as) is typically excluded from a standard homeowners policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover gutter damage?

My policy with Progressive/Homesite does not. They point to policy language neglecting to cover cosmetic damage. Not too happy with them.

What will homeowners policy cover in regards to laptop water damage?

depends on your specific policy form. you would need "all risks" coverage to have any shot. if you have a standard "named peril" policy - no coverage

Does insurance cover damage caused by prior owner?

Pre Existing DamageNo. Your Homeowners Policy would not cover pre-existing damage.

Will the Homeowners GL policy cover damage to an associations property from a fallen tree- ie drainage flume owned by the association?

No. No one is liable for an act of nature. The Homeowners Association's master insurance policy should cover damage to property owned by the association.

Does homeowner's insurance cover damage done by renters?

Homeowners insurance No. But a landlords Dwelling Policy yes.