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You may not have lost 100% of the blood on the previous period, so it is just trying to get rid of all the blood in your womb, this is completely normal but if lasts longer than 2 weeks, you may have to seek medical advice.

It could also be if you have had irregular periods and there is more blood around the lining because you havent had a period for a while.

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Q: Why would your period last longer than normal?
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Is it normal for a period to last longer than a week?

It's not "normal" but it happens to some women

Is a three day period normal you usually have a 5 day period but for last three months you have been having a three day period Is that normal as you plan to have baby?

yes a normal period can be 3-5 day or longer :) x

How can you make your period last longer?

Your period lasts as long as your body needs it to. I am not sure why you would want to make your period last longer but you should not try to altar your bodies natural cycles.

Is it normal for your period to be really light and only last half an hour?

No it takes longer then that for the uterus lining to change.

When calculating your due date do you go by your last messed up period or your last normal period?

You should go by your last normal period.

You had a period that lasted for 2 days the last day of it was a dirty brownish color what would make that happen?

It is normal for that to happen. The reason is the period was longer than normal seven days, and the uterine wall and the excess blood dried up. that turns the color a browinsh color...

Could you be pregnant your last period wasnt like you normally get .you usually bleed for 7 days but last period was 3 days?

Not likely. Some periods are longer, some shorter. The fact that your period was only 3 days is normal. They will vary.

Can having a cold make your period last longer and heavier?

Yes it can last longer

What if your last normal period was September 25 when are you due?

My last normal period was September 25th or a little before. When Is my due date if pregnant?

What to do if period last longer than ten days?

If your period last longer then ten days I think you should talk to your doctor and she should be able to tell you what to take to stop your period, because I heard that it is some things to buy to stop your period last even longer than that.

Is discharge normal after your period?

Yes as long as the discharge does not smell bad or worse than your period and should only last a couple of days. If longer than two days go to the doctor.

Is it normal if your period begins and it is normal then it stops and gets light then begins again when it should be over?

Your actual period should last no longer than 6-7 days. (a week). During this time it can start, stop, be heavy, light...etc.