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The answer is probably because you have the wrong cheats

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Q: Why wont some cheats for full auto 2 work?
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What are some cheats for sims3 mobile on a samsung gravity?

no there are no cheats. sorry. stop trying because i promise you wont find any.

What do you do when your action replay wont let you put cheats on when you dont have no cheats even on it?

Get your money back

Where can you find the cheats of kingdom hearts2 for ps2?

Square enix hate cheats they wont allow them in most of their games

Why wont your cheats for warlords call to arms work do they need to be caps tell exactly how to put in the cheats?

those so called "cheats" dont work

I have Grand theft auto IV on xbox and i got some cheats but it wont let me type the cheats in without having Xbox which i dont have is there any way to enter the cheats with out Xbox live?

All you have yo do is call the number on your cell phone and that should activate the cheat. Its not like left left right right stuff. You just inter the cheat in your phone! Also you can re-do the cheat fast when you have intered it once it will save it and then you open up your phone by pressing the up on the d-pad and then you go to cheats at the bottom. Duh!

Why wont cheats for Sponge Bob's Atlantis serpents work?

there fake

What are the new moshi monster super moshi cheats 2011?

no sorry i cant . but if u can help me with this i know some body who helped desin this game that wont tell me any cheats but will tell other people

Will Going to your update on the AR screen and then dragging platinum to your own cheats on the left after you click on the US cheats work?

no it wont everyone asks but no it wont work *sigh* it works on mine & I'm in England

How do you get cheats for Club Penguin that wont get you banned forever?

go on then click on penguin storm 10.1 download it then you have TONS of cheats

What are some call of roma cheats?

There are no cheats even if there is it wont last more than 1 week, We will find it asap and we will fix it. Thank you. GM-Winson ( Head administrator of Call Of Roma) Call Of Roma Team.

Where can i find cheats for Star wars bounty hunter cheats?

go to and type in the chat u wont 2 find its easy

Are there any Bakugan dimensions cheats?

well there can be when hackers and stuff start getting cheats and stuff but till then no dont worry it wont take to long