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Civic Princess is famous because she had a really high level, although she is not super famous anymore because she quit Fantage and she is not 1st place anymore for the Overall Ranking. PinkStarDust is 1st now.

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Q: Why is civic princess famous on fantage?
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What server does civic princess go on in fantage?

Civic Princess quit Fantage long ago. She doesn't play Fantage anymore.

What is civic princess password for fantage?

her password is civic _ brigtet

Where is civic princess on fantage?

Civic Princess left Fantage long time ago so she won't play Fantage anymore. I don't think she enjoys people talking about her all the time.

What is civic princess real password on fantage?


What is civic princess user and password on fantage?


What is civic princess's user and password on fantage?


Not trieng to hack but what is civic princess pass on fantage?

That is called hacking. Anyway, everyone makes up Civic's password on Fantage. People said it was PurplePanda456 but it is not.

How do you become a legend on Fantage?

level up a lot like civic princess

What can you do to get civic princess back on fantage?

I don't think civic_princess is coming back, her membership was cancelled and she has got bored of fantage.

How did civic princess become famous?

kindergarten teacher.

What is civic princess password on fantage?

No one knows but civic_princess herself. Besides why would you hack it? She worked hard on that account.

Does anyone have a free member fantage girl that they dont need please email to

This is mine Civic_princess_r and the pass is iwanabecivicBUT I AM NOT CIVIC PRINCESS I JUST HAVE A ACCOUNT THT LOOKS LIKE HERS OK.......I AM NOT CIVIC PRINCESS