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I dunno its happening to me as well and its really f*cked up and annoying, your best bet is probably just get it on your computer then sync it on from there

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Q: Why does my iPod say it has enough space for an app but when I try to download it it says I don't have enough space?
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What does it mean when you cant download anymore apps and tells you to delete some photos and videos?

You Dont have enough space on ur ipod

Does it take up more space in your iPod if you download the songs on your iTunes on your iPod?

it would take the same space as if you download the song on your computer and then transfer the song to the ipod

Is it possible to download Temple Run on a third generation iPod Touch?

If you have enough space left on you iPod Touch and you have updated your firmware to the latest version, then yes, it is possible to download Temple Run or Temple Run 2 on your 3rd generation iPod Touch.

I can't locate dtunes after i download it?

you need to install it after downloading it if that doesn't work then you probably don't have enough space you ipod touch is full

How many games can you download on the ipod touch?

Depends on the room its better if you have higher gb like you can download more games on an 16gb ipod than a 8gb ipod. And if you save space on your ipod you can download more games.

You downloaded the jailbreak on your iPod Touch and the cydia app doesnt appear or the installer app?

You dont download it on you ipod. You download it on your computer

Do you have to download games on the iPod Touch?

You dont HAVE to download games, but if you want them, yes you have to download them from the itunes store. It is not possible to transfer games from another iPod Touch onto yours.

Is 8gb ipod enough space?

it all depends on how many songs and videos you plan on getting. if you dont listen to many songs and stuff like that, 8 gb is good enough

If you download a movie on your ipod will it delete your songs?

No. If you don't have enough room on your iPod for the video, iTunes will warn you.

How do you download music to ipod by bear and share?

i dont know so hahahha

How do you buy wallpaper on your ipod touch?

Dont buy it, download an app with wallpapers

Is the ipod 80gb classic able to hold videos?

Yes as long as you have enough space on your ipod of course it can just download or open it in itunes and sync it. Also with the new ipod touch you can record videos with the camera and store them.