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they don't!

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Q: Why do girls think of nice guys as childish and mean guys as grown ups?
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Do guys think its cute when girls act childish?

Yes, we actually do.

Why are nice guys perceived as childish and bad guys perceived as grown ups by girls?

Not sure. But not all girls perceive it this way. Some girls view it the other way around.

Why do girls consider guys childish?

Because guys do gross immature things

Why do university girls and university guys start to insult you for watching cartoons as a university guy?

they think its childish but i dont think it is at all

What junior high guys looks for in girls?

most of all mature girls not some girl who is childish

Why do girls insult guys by telling them they are childish?

Because you probably annoy them- or they like you. If you like her, and she says your childish- then she most likely thinks your immature

Why do girls and women find it a turn off for guys to watch cartoons?

Because it is immature and childish!

Why do guys think about guys?

The same reason guys think about girls.

Is it true guys like girls who act childish and playful?

Not all the time. Guys are sometimes different and like the girl who's more mature.

What do guys think of?

I think guys think about sex,girls,sports,and money.