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Yes, we actually do.

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Q: Do guys think its cute when girls act childish?
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Why do girls think of nice guys as childish and mean guys as grown ups?

they don't!

Why do guys think its cute when girls mess up?

beacaue they do and girls are cuter than guys so ya

What kind of tattoos do guys think is cute?

More then likely they would probably want their name on your body...

What do guys think of short girls?

It depends on the guy. Quite a lot of guys find short girls to be cute and feminine.

Why do girls consider guys childish?

Because guys do gross immature things

Why do university girls and university guys start to insult you for watching cartoons as a university guy?

they think its childish but i dont think it is at all

Do girls like cool guys or cute guys better?

cute guys of course

GUYS ONLY do you think that girls who practice THINGS are hot cute or better?


What do guys think of girls that play volleyball in high school?

They enjoy it because they can see cute girls in short shorts!

Should guys think animated girls are cute?

no. Is your dick animated? well, im a girl and i think animated guys are cute. so i think it would be ok 4 guys...i mean really...their fake, so its not like they are ever gonna date lol

Why do girls try to impress guys?

Because the like them, think their cool/cute etc. I think guys try to impress girls more then the other way around

What junior high guys looks for in girls?

most of all mature girls not some girl who is childish