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Q: Why are some people hornier than others?
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Are virgins hornier than other women?

yes :)

Why do some people need more people than others?

Some people need more sleep than others because of their age and what they do.

Why are some silver certificates larger than others?

because some people's are bigger than others

Why are some people better dancers than others. What are your theories on this topic?

Some people are better dancers than others because their coordination might be better.

Hinduism believes that some people are better than others?

Hinduism does not believe that some people are better than others but focuses on members of the religion being the best that they can be.

Why are some humans a lot funnier than other humans?

Some people are funnier than others, for much the same reason that some people play basketball better than others. We are all different.

Why do people have monobrows?

Some people just have eyebrows that tend to grow more thickly in the center than others do, just as some have thicker hair on their head than others do.

Why are people dumber than other people?

Some people pay atention in class or work than others.

Why are some people's heads heavier than others?


Do some people have more rights than others?


Why are some black people really dark?

It's the amount of melanin in their skin; some have more than others, thus they are darker than others.

Why can some people sing better than others?

Some people were just blessed with great voices from God and others werent, that's what I think.