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Some people were just blessed with great voices from God and others werent, that's what I think.

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Q: Why can some people sing better than others?
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Why can't some people sing?

Some people are born with the natural talent to sing. Others aren't. Some people can't sing because they are either inexperienced or they are tone deaf.

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some people like how they sing and others think they are cute

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some people like how they sing and others think they are cute

Why are some people better dancers than others. What are your theories on this topic?

Some people are better dancers than others because their coordination might be better.

Can anyone sing?

Some people can sing very well but others cant really get there voice the way it should be that's why they have teachers! lol =]

Hinduism believes that some people are better than others?

Hinduism does not believe that some people are better than others but focuses on members of the religion being the best that they can be.

Do people sing good?

Some people sing very well, a few sing superbly, and some do not.

Is it better to have your iPod jailbreaked?

For some people yes, others no. You decide.

Is Shipp better than Inuyasha?

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What happens if you can't sing at all?

Everyone can sing ... but maybe not in tune. If you would like to sing in tune or with a group, hire a voice teacher.

What is the word for people who think they are better than others?

"Arrogant" or "delusional" (if the person is NOT actually better than others). Keep in mind, some people ARE better than others (i.e. more talented/skillful/knowledgeable/etc). In those cases, they aren't 'arrogant' or "delusional" they are just 'better' than others.

Why are some people better at some things than others?

Because everyone is different and has different talents.