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Because you need them to help your brain function and help you grow and get strong. It Also help to function certain parts of your brain properly

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Q: Why are minerals important in your body?
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Why are minerals important to the body?

Minerals help your body grow, and to develop. When people don't get enough of these important minerals then they start to get health problems.

Why are food minerals important?

minerals are important as a nutrition, body building ,blood flow

What minerals does the body make?

None. Minerals and vitamins must be consumed for the body to use them. This is why vitamins and minerals are so important to our nutrition.

Why are nutrients important to your body?

vitamins an minerals help keepyour body strength up

Minerals are important to the body because they?

Minerals give structure to bones and affect heart and muscle contraction.

Why is minerals important to the human body?

They give you energy and make you healthier

Why is it important to get vitamins and minerals from your foods?

It will help your body to work and repair yourself

Is e Vitamins and minerals provide energy to the body?

No. Food provides the energy; vitamins and minerals are important, but won't keep you alive.

What vitamins and minerals do an orange contain?

It contains vitamins c which is really important for your body.

Are minerals important to human?

Minerals are important to the human body for two reasons. One would be as structural constituents of the body, as constituents of soft tissues, such as tissue protein, cell bodies and muscles, they are responsible for their proper functioning. Second is constituents of body fluids, they contribute to the osmotic pressure of body fluids.

Why are minerals in the body important?

Mineral are what are referred to as micronutrients. They are essential to every function of the body, especially at the cellular level. Two of the most important are sodium and potassium.

Are vitamins and minerals important for the body?

yes they are incredibly important if you want to be good at things such as p.e or to make you smart like maths