Who was the person who hit Hanna with a car?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Mona did, the first A

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Q: Who was the person who hit Hanna with a car?
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Who was the person in the car that hit Hanna on Pretty Little Liars?

A. Who is Mona Vanderwaal

Does Hanna live after being hit by a car?


Did Hanna know Mona was A before she got hit by a car?

no, she saw Mona in the car when she got hit

Why was Hanna in the hospital in Pretty Little Liars?

Because A hit her with a car.

How did Hanna find out Mona was A in Pretty Little Liars?

Mona sent her a text with her regular phone instead of her -A phone, but then Hanna got hit by a car and then forgot. She gets hit by a car in book 3, but you find out who -A is in book 4.

Will hanna in pretty little liars be blind?

no, not at all she only gets hit by the car by "A"

Does Hanna get killed in the Pretty Little Liars books?

NO, she gets hit by a car, but she doesn't die

Did Hanna die when she got hit by the car in 'Pretty Little Liars'?

No. She ends up in the hospital.

In the book Perfect a Pretty Little Liars novel did Spencer hit Hanna with the car?

no a runs over hanna Spencer was with Emily and aria was kissing ezra

Who ran over Hanna on Pretty Little Liars TV show?

mona hits hanna with the car because hanna saw mona's number was Amona, who is the first A, hit hanna with her car. in the books, the police find the car in monas garage covered with a tarp and splattered with hannas blood.

Did Hanna in Pretty Little Liars die from getting hit by a car?

She doesn't die, she just goes into a coma, but lives.

Is Hanna alive after being hit by a car in Pretty Little Liars?

yes. but she has short term memory lose afterwards.