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you are, no matter hows at fult.If you have ins. they will make the other party pay sometimes. but after all its your car.

- I have to disagree with the above statement. Even though it is "after all your car", it's not your fault you were in the wreck. It's not like you chose for it to happen. You did nothing wrong. They are At Fault, therefore their insurance should pay for it.

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Q: Who pays for towing fees after an accident when you're not at fault?
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Who is responsible for towing service charges in an accident?

Well, usually, if you have reached the point of having called a tow truck, then the police have become involved, an accident report has or is being filed and no doubt fault-unless it is an extreme case in which it is uncertain or someone is desperatly trying to argue the case, then fault has been determined. Whomever is at fault will have to pay to have a car towed. The towing process would then lead to the auto garage where the damage would be accessed and repairs rendered, the final bill which would of course include the towing, would be then handed to the one at fault, along with the towing fees and repairs to their own vehicle. Insurance would no doubt cover some of this whole mess but of course rates would go up due to the accident.

What kind of fee do airplane accident attorneys work on?

The fees imposed by airplane accident attorneys are typically based off a large portion of the amount of money that is settled from the party at fault in the accident.

What are fees for towing company?

This totally depends on the specific towing company.

In CA what legal measures can be made against you if you do not pay towing fees for a car that you plan to leave at the towing company?

I would call the towing company and ask what happens to your car if you are not able to pay the fees and claim the car. It is obviously not worth much, but you don't want these fees to grow into fines and other charges. Tell the towing company you can not afford the fees and ask who you need to contact to resolve the issue. Maybe they will agree to take the car and dispose of it for whatever cash they can get. If you make it sincerely understood that you are unable to pay, they may agree in order to get the car off the lot and the fees off the books. Worth a try. I don't know how much you owe in fees but your car is worth at least $125 as scrap!

Do you have to pay towing company if car is totaled?

If the insurance does not cover the expense it is likely the person to whom the vehicle is registered will be responsible for towing and any other subsequent charges such as storage fees.

A car was left on your property when a renter moved out what can you do?

You can have it towed at the owner's expense (meaning you can call a towing company and it will come and tow the vehicle. The owner, if he wants the vehicle, then needs to go to the towing company and reclaim the vehicle by paying the towing and storage fees).

What happens after your vechicle is auctioned?

If your vehicle is auctioned off you will have to pay the difference from what the vehicle was sold for vs the actual loan amount left over. Plus the towing fees and auction fees.

If your stolen car is found and it is inoperable are you still responsible for it and any fees associated with it?

If your stolen car is found, it is still your car. If there are impound fees, or storage fees, they are yours. The repair fees are yours. The salvage fees are yours. Towing, recovery, transport--yours, yours, yours.This is part of the reason for theft insurance.

What does it take to get a car out of impound in Texas?

You will have to pay the towing fee, and any storage fees/fines in order to get the vehicle released.

How much is a ticket for blocking a driveway?

IN San Francisco it's $244.25 for towing fees and another $85 for the ticket itself.

How do I get my motorcycle out of the back of my van that was impounded?

Get your van out of impound. That's pretty much the only way.

Can a tow company sell a vehicle without a pink slip?

In most states, a towing company can sell a vehicle without a pink slip or its title. However, the towing company, in most states, has to first file a lien on the vehicle for the fees of towing and storage. After the term of the lien expires, the towing company can get a title for the vehicle and sell it legally.