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the unfortunate car that was hit by the 'thief' will file it under their collision coverage and then attempt to recoup monies from the thief , restitution, you are not liable for the damage caused by a thief that stole your vehicle......

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Q: Who is responsible if your car is stolen and hits another car?
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What if your car is about to be repossessed but it gets stolen who is then responsible?

YOU are responsible for the debt that is secured by the "stolen" car. Be sure to make a police report on the 'stolen" car.

Who is at fault in a 3 car accident when uninsured car 1 hits stopped car 2 then car 2 hit stopped car 3?

If a car hits a stopped car and sets that car into motion and it hits another car, the first car is responsible for both cars. A stopped car is not responsible when someone sets it into motion and it hits another car.

Who is responsible if your car is hit by another car and the other car hits a parked car?

The driver of the first striking car is responsible for all subsequent damage.

Who is responsible if a car gets stolen from a car dealer?

The person who stole the car.

Who is responsible if your car is hit by a parked car and another car hits the parked car first?

Answer: The vehicle that initiates the collision is at fault.

If a stolen car hit a parked car can the stolen cars owner not be held responsible even if a police report for the stolen car was placed after the hit and run was filled?

Assuming the stolen car was insured, the stolen cars insurance would be responsible. If the stolen car was not insured, the driver, if located would be responsible. If not located then the owner would probably be held responsible. Hopefully the struck vehicle is insured for "uninsured motorist" coverage. Filing the report after the accident would document the theft, but not neccesarily clear the owner of responsibility.

Who is responsible if a child opens a door and hits another car with car door?

The parent or responsible adult operating the vehicle and in charge of the child, like the sitter or another friend or relative.

Who is responsible if someone hits my parked car with out the parking brake set and then my car hits another parked car?

I think it would have to be the person who hit your car because they caused your car to crash into the other car.

Does the owner of a parked car that hits another parked car liable for damages?

Yes. You are responsible for parking your vehicle in a way that damage will not be caused to another's vehicle. So say you park on a hill and the vehicle rolls back and hits another vehicle, you are liable.

Who is responsible for paying for your damages the car that hit mine or the car that hit that car?

The one responsible for that is the person who own the car that hits your car.

What if a car hits you from the back and causes you to hit another car?

The car that hit you first is responsible for the entire accident. Hopefully he will have enough coverage to pay for the damage to all the vehicles.

Who is responsible for damages if the vehicle isn't registered to person who hits another car but the person responsible bought it and hadn't transferred it yet?

The driver is always responsible for whatever happens to vehical he is driving