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The owner of the vehicle is going to be held liable for any damages caused by the underage driver.

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Q: Who is liable if your underage son drives your car?
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Are you liable if your 20-year-old son drives a car titled to you and insured by you after having a seizure?

Who had the seizure?

If i Am financing a car but son drives it can he get insurance for the car under his name?


If you purchase a vehicle for your son but your ex-wife has custody are you liable if they do not purchase insurance?

If the car is in your name you are responsible not your ex wife. she would be liable if the car was in her name.

If your son had an parking lot accident while driving your car without insurance are you liable?

More than likely you both can be held liable. Since you both were aware the car was uninsured. Depending on the laws of your state you may end up with fines and penalties also. It also depends whether your son was driving the car with your permission and whether your son is a minor. (Yeses make you more liable, noes less so.)

Your 16 year old son took the car without permission and has no license he was in a car accident in ny Nassau county Is the parent liable or the owner of the vehicle?

A parent is liable of any damages their children do. The car owner is not liable for any damages caused if the vehicle was stolen.

If you cosign your son's rental agreement are you liable if he has parties where minors drink alcohol?

A cosign agreement is usually just a financial agreement to cover the rent or damages if your son can't pay. I don't think it has anything to with underage drinking.

Are you personally liable for damages your grown son incurs while driving a car registered and insured in your name with him legitimately listed as the primary driver?

If it is your carIf the car is registered in your name, you will certainly be included in the lawsuit if the damages exceed the limits of the insurance. AnswerIf your grown son has his own insurance that will cover his car and any other he might be driving,then he is responsible.Now, how old is you grown son?? If he is underage, you are responsible. If he is 18 or older again, he should be held responsible unless he has no insurance other than your policy. Which in that case, you and your insurance is responsible.

Does my teenage son who does not drive my car have to be insured on my car?

If he ever drives it he legally has to be insured. If he never sets foot behind the wheel, he does not.

My son had permission to operate a friends vehichle and the car was in an accident and totaled. is he liable for payment?

if there is insurance it should pay for the loss

Can the parents of a 20 year old be sued if son was in accident with his own car that he owns in Illinois?

The parents are not liable for the damage. Parents can only be liable for the actions of a child who is under the age of 18.

A son drives his mothers car but the son is excluded from his others policy. Who is responsible for damages the son causes while drving his mothers car.?

his mothers for lettting him but his sons for crashing it goood luuck brittney spears opps i did it again

Can a parent be held liable for a 21 year old son involved in a car accident without insurance and living at home for about 6 weeks in between moves?

As long as it wasn't your car involved, you would not be held liable for anything. He is 21. That makes him wholly responsible for his actions.