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The At Fault driver's auto insurance company will pay for your medical treatment out of their Bodily injury liability coverage.

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Q: Who is liable for medical treatment cost when the accident was not your fault and 3rd party have admitted liabillity?
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48 hoursThe vessel operator has 48 hours to file a boating accident report when an injured person requires medical attention beyond first aid.

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Does a passenger in a car accident have to file a claim with their own insurance?

Not usually, unless it is for the treatment of some serious and lengthy medical injury for which the auto insurance is insufficient.

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Try a compress a water soaked cotton wool and bandage placed over the swelling to reduce it or give immediate relief. If this fails speak to your pharmacist or family doctor about the appropriate treatment. If the swelling is due to an accident rather than a medical condition you should seek urgent medical advice from an Accident and Emergency Department or Emergency Treatment Room.

Who should one alert if one witnesses a hit and run accident?

If one witnesses a hit and run accident they should first alert the ambulance service to get medical treatment to that person. They should then alert the police to provide a witness statement.