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The driver of the car behind you is At Fault. You may face separate legal issues if you were attempting to make an illegal u-turn, however even if the u-turn was illegal the driver in the other car had the last clear chance to avoid you and should have been in better control of their vehicle.

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Q: Who is at fault when you signal to do a u-turn then the car behind you hits you from the side?
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Who is at fault if a vehicle hits you on the left side and they coming from behind you?

person coming from behind

Who is at fault when one truck hits another truck from behind when in motion?

the truck behind the other car

If a driver hits me from behind is it their fault?

It can be, unless your brake lights don't work.

If it is a clear day and you are hit from behind with your flashers going who is at fault?

Unless you are backing up, a rear-end collision is almost always the fault of the person who hits you from behind.

Who is at fault when the car behind you hits another car thinking that you are going to hit them as you reverse Incidentally I did not hit their car?

It is their fault.

Who is at fault if the driver from behind hits your rear bumper while waiting at a fast food drive through parking lot?

This depends on the situation, but if you were stationary, not moving and he hit you, he would be at fault. In most cases if the other motorist hits you from behind it is his fault, as you must maintain full control of your vehicle at all times, and if he hit you from behind, that was not the case.

Who is fault is at fault when you are turning right and a car behind hits you because they are coming to fast behind you?

Assuming you have signalled in good time that you are turning right,most would agree that the fault lies with the car behind-who should have left enough distance to slow down. This happened to a friend of mine-the other driver lied and said that he did not signal,and changed lanes without warning.He was a convincing liar and won the case.So take nothing for granted-even basic facts can be dsputed.

Is it your fault when someone hits you at a yellow light?

Depends. If you've stopped and they've crashed into you from behind, then no.

Pulling out of a parking lot onto a street and you have to back up to avoid on coming car and the car behind you hits you who is at fault?

Answering "Pulling out of a parking lot onto a street and you have to back up to avoid on coming car and the car behind you hits you who is at fault?"

If a car is parked 6 in behind another on private property and the other car accidentally hits it who is at fault?

The person who hit a parked vehicle is at fault.

Is it always your fault if you hit someone from behind?

In almost all cases if one vehicle hits a vehicle from behind the rear vehicle is at fault. There are some extreme instances in which that is not the case, but it is a case by case basis.

Whose fault is it if car A is driving into a parking and car B pulls in out of no where and car A hits the driver's door of that car?

if the car b pulls in out of no where and with out the signal is car b fault