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either the person that caused the desbris to be there or the debris.

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I hit debris on highway 199 in Texas I suffered 2 blow outside the thing that holds the wheel steady is split and my right turn signal snatched completely out

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Q: Who is at fault if you hit debris on highway that wrecked your car?
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If you get in a car accident which wasn't your fault but you have no car insurrance what haappens to your car?

You either get the at fault party or their insurance to pay or you have a wrecked car.

Who claims liability in a rear end collision in snowy weather?

In any weather you must maintain control of your vehicle. If you cannot stop and you hit anything, you are at fault. The car with the wrecked front is at fault. The car with the wrecked back end is not at fault.

If a car is on main highway and a car pulls out of a hidden driveway and hits the car on the highway whos fault is it?

The car that was in the hidden driveway.

If you were involved in a car wreck and it was not your fault and you did not rent a car because you own another car does the insurance company have to pay you for time lost on the wrecked car?

Depends, you have to ask your insurance company

has this car been wrecked before?

has this car been wrecked before

has this car ever been wrecked ?

has this car ever been wrecked

Is a rebuilt wrecked car stronger after rebuilt than before?

No wrecked car is stronger than one not wrecked.

Driver hit your car with a piece of debris from the highway resulting in damage to my car?

It's not clear what your question is. You should be able to claim insurance on it.

If your car broke down on the highway and you got hit from behind by a truck who is at fault?

Well it's his fault cause he should have been watching were he was going.

Who is 'at fault' when car A rear-ends car B if car B is in reverse on a highway?

Car A will be to blame unless they can manage to get strong proof that car B was going in reverse along the highway. The cops go by where the damage is on the vehicle so they will blame car A for rearending car B

Who is at fault if car one has been pushed from a service ramp onto the main highway by car two?

Sounds confusing, but there seems to be a fair amount of fault all around. Was car #2 pushing a disabled vehicle onto the highway, or did he rear-end #1 on the service ramp? If disabled, it shouldn't have been on the highway except behind a tow truck (I know, lots of us have done it, but it's still against the law.), so whoever was behind the wheel and the pushing driver were both at fault. And if it was an accident on the ramp, #2 was definitely at fault.

Does a car dealership have to tell you if a car has been wrecked?