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The general rule is that it's the moving vehicle that's responsible for making sure that the road is clear. If both vehicles were moving at the impact it gets more difficult. Then it has to be settled who had the right of way.

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Q: Who is at fault if someone backed into you in a parking lot The damage is on the back of his truck and side of mine?
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Who is at fault when someone backs into you while backing out of a parking space and hits you in the front right tire?

If they backed into you, it's their fault. Failure to yield.

I was legally parked in a parking space and a vehicle pulled up behind me and parked not in a parking space and i backed into her who's fault is it?

It is your fault.

I backed up in a parking lot to re-angle myself for a parking spot and hit a car behind me whos at fault?

You are.

Who is at fault if both vehicles are backing out of a space in a parking lot and you have a larger scratch?

If all conditions are equal: such that both parties signaled and backed up in a 'cautious manner' - then the fault would be 50-50. The amount of damage would have no bearing.

Who is at fault for a collision when two cars are backing out in a parking lot?

Its logical.........the person who backed out while the other person was at it!

If you are pulling out of parking lot and someone is driving in a parking lot a little fast and hit you whose fault is it?

Usually their is no fault associated with parking lots. I'm sure your insurance company looks at it as your fault.

If you are backing out of a parking spot and another person cuts in behind you to get into a parking space who is at fault if you back into them?

If you are both moving, the one at fault is whoever the police officer says is at fault on the accident report. That's all I can tell you with this information. I hope you called the police. They will say you backed into them and you will say they ran into you. Without a police report faulting one of you, the insurance company will say both are 50% at fault which means each pays for their own damage.

Who is at fault when your parked car gets backed into?

Whomever backed into it is at fault.

Who is at fault if you were backing up from a parking space and the vehicle to your left already passed your car but then backed up at the same time you backed up and there was a collision?

Both of you. Neither driver was watching where they were backing. The ultimate fault will be determined based on the police report and an investigation.

Who fault is it when someone backs into oncoming traffic and causes an accident?

the guy who backed offcourse

Who is at fault if you were coming out of a car parking space and had just got out of the space and a car came into the back of you and damaged the front bonnet of their car?

Technically you are at fault because they had the right of way and you backed into their path.

Who is at fault if you backed out of your drive and were about to drive off when another car backed out of the facing street and hit your driver's door?

If your car was already in the street when the other driver backed into you, it sounds like it's more his fault then yours. Unless there's serious damage to your car, the best thing would probably be to treat it as a shared-fault accident. Each driver pay for their own damage. No sense creating animosity with a neighbor over a mistake.