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Q: Who is actress Haley in the eyeglass world commercial?
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Are the male and female blonds in the Eyeglass World commercial twins?

Yes they are

Are the blond male and female actors in the Eyeglass World TV commercial twins?

Yes they are.

Who is the actress in the Eyeglass World commercial?

I believe her name is Megan Gunning ( Also does commercials for a local car dealership chain in the South Jersey area.

Who is the blonde actress in the Jim Beam commercial Fake World?

Iana bikoulova

Who is the actress in the Sue's World Dulera commercial?

It is believed to be Diane Luby Lane in Sue's World Dulera commercial. Which was filmed in beautiful Costa Rica.

What services are offered by Eyeglass World?

Eyeglass World is a company that deals with products related to eye care. Some of the services that are offered are Optometry services, same day service, eyeglass protection plans and low cost financing.

What is meaning of Haley?

The name Haley is the awesomest name in the world! It means World Emperess

Who is the actress in the walmart commercial where she plays the mom taking away everyones toys at the dinner table She done ads for Disney World Progressive and Lowes?

Yeah, who is that actress?

Who is the Blonde actress in directv Wayne's world commercial?

The commercial obviously cuts into the laundromat scene. However, it was from Wayne's World 2, and Kim Basinger reprises her role.

Who is the actress on American floor commercial?

The Actress on American floor is virtually unknown. She is not "famous" per say and is not commonly known in the holy-wood world. One can find out by calling them up.

What is the easiest eyeglass cleaner?

There are many easy eyeglass cleaners in the world. The easiest eyeglass cleaner is called the Uline pop-up lens cleaning wipes. The Uline pop-up lens cleaning wipes can be purchased on the official Uline webpage.

Who is the blonde actress holding the chimp in the commercial?

Actress In Commercial. The actress is Cyndi Strittmatter (aka: Cyd Strittmatter; Cynthia Strittmatter). She has appeared in countless television commercials and appeared in the feature films: The Good Humor Man (2005); Lost Souls (2000); The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997); Steel (1997) and Fear (1990).