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Oddly enough Haruma and Eri ended up being together despite their love and hate relationship throughout the series.

Haruma still loves tenma but believes that her happiness should come first and lets her go to america to be with karasuma despite his own feelings in the anime he beats himself up and wonders if it was the right thing to do, eri then appears beside him to comfort him, In the manga when haruma finds out Eri was being force into an arrange marriage he confront her and tells her that its her life and its her choice so choose now, She tells haruma that she wants him to be her fiance and then covers it up as a joke since she knows its impossible, haruma then tells her that if it brings the old eri back then he will be glad to do it! Although at the time he still was not sure about his feeling for her. During the graduation ceremony Haruma and Eri are both lecturing karasuma that he should never break tenma's heart and he should always stay with her or else, the way they lectured him made them sound like parents and soon many years later they both visit Karasuma and tenma to the hospital with Eri holding a baby and Haruma blushing beside her.

As both a major main character of the series It is not a surprise that tenma and karasuma ended up together despite how merely impossible it seemed since karasuma showed no interest in tenma other than as friends. In the anime karasuma is very quiet and shows little emotion but in the manga he is not afraid to say what he feels but he is still hard to read. In the anime karasuma first showed that he cares for tenma in Episode 14 of season 2 Haruma tells him about tenma's party but because of his work he could not leave so he instead takes haruma's coat making his editor believes he was haruma so he can be with tenma, In the anime Karasuma confessed his feeling in episode one of season 3 during his fight with Haruma the only time he ever showed any emotions, In the process of being beaten by haruma Karasuma yells furiously that He loves Tenma too! But because he must leave for america soon he is torn between leaving her behind and getting treated or staying and be a burden to her. In the end he decides to go to america and tenma follows him

The manga is very different, Karasuma confessed to Tenma's illusion believing greatly it was her. He tells her how much he loves her and that he was planning on leaving a long time ago but her letter gave him courage to stay for one more year although in the anime it was never said that he knew it was tenma who wrote the long letter he recieved in his locker. Karasuma promises himself that he will never fall in love with Tenma but soon realized it was impossible and cries that he wants more than anything else to be with her and that being away from her painful to the point that he cries, however when tenma was finally able to visit him Karasuma's condition had gotten worse and he no longer recognizs her but despite this Tenma stays with him saying she will always take care of him no matter what. In the end he regains his memories bit by bit remembering Haruma and Eri's lecture but still stays in the hospital for further treatment with Tenma by his side.

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Q: Who ends up with who in school rumble?
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