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the answer is yes because tadase asks amu out and she accepts=).

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Q: Who does amu fall in love with?
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Does amu fall in love with ikuto?

In shugo chara manga yes they do fall in love, but in the anime I think she falls in love with tadase.

Is tadase the one to be amu's partner or love team?

No,because remember when Ikuto left to find his father he said when he will come back he will make Amu fall in love with him...

Who does ikuto love?

Ikuto loves amu in the anime and does amu love him back? watch and find out! the anime is beautiful!!

Does tadase still love amu at the end?

Yes,Tadase still loved Amu in the end

Who does tadase love?

easy Amu of course

Does amu in Shugo Chara love tadase?

Yes, in the first manga, she confessed her love because of Ran. However, Tadase rejected Amu's love by telling her that he loved someone else. Later on, Tadase told Amu that the someone else he loves is really his dog that died. Tadase also stated that he had a crush on Amu's transformed self: Amulet Heart.

What does amu think of tadase in shugo chara?

Amu loves Tadase. In the first manga, she confesses her love to him. Later on, Tadase confesses love to her too and they start dating.

Does Nagihiko from Shugo Chara love Amu?

Not in that dating/marrying way, but as a friend, yes she loves Amu. Nagihiko/Nadeshko is more of Amu's best friends than boyfriend.

Does tadase love amu?

Yes he does he told her in episode 74 in shugo chara and he said "will you let me love you". this is true but he admitted tht he only loves amulet heart so there is no true love in there ikuto and amu is where its at daaaa

Who say to Amu in Shugochara that he will make her love him?

ikuto tsukiyomi

Will tadase in shugo chara tell amu that he love her?

He already has told her. In the beginning he confessed that he loved Amulet Heart, her transformed self. However, later he said that he's getting to love Amu herself.

Does tadase love amu or the other girl with blue hair?

Amu cause the girl is more of a friend and in Shugo Chara Doki she is actaully a guy